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50 Reasons for Being a Homoeopath 6th Edition

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This book is addressed to professional homeopaths, where the author explains her view on the vital disturbance. As disease is nothing but a disturbance at the vital level, the challenge is to understand and perceive the coherent, symbolic pattern, displayed by the patient. When we manage to recognise this pattern we are looking in the eye of the disturbance and at the same time, we have the answer for a cure. Practical aspects of case taking and clinical practice have been addressed in the book. The author has given solutions and suggestions to find ways out to the obstacles which come in day to day practice of a homeopathic practitioner. There is a detailed discussion on imponderabilia, nosodes, new remedies which are being discovered nowadays and how to ascertain their reliability. The book has been enriched with cases from authors practice which are given with entire case taking details between patient and physician which helps one to understand the art of case taking as in a clinical setup. The analysis of cases with prescriptions are given with follow up.

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