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Achieving and Maintaining the Similimum

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A series of 19 lectures covering a range of topics including a brief biography of Hahnemann, remedy provings, potency & dosage, Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases, remedy alternations, and homeopathic aggravation.
This book comprises of Iectures delivered at Hahnemann Hospital during the session of 1853-53. On the request of those who heard his Iectures, this book has been published consisting of it and many more subjects. When you go through these Iectures, you will feel that you have been to a journey to meet one-Century-old people and to listen to their reactions and views on revolution in medicine. This book is for those who are desirous of obtaining knowledge of the history and development in homeopathy. The manuscripts have been carefully revised and Dr. Dudgeon makes additions, so as to render them complete.

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