Dunham, C

Carroll Dunham (1828 – 1877) received his medical degree in 1850 and worked as a doctor in Europe before becoming a pupil of Boenninghausen in Munster. He returned to America and practiced as a Homeopath for several years before becoming the Dean and Professor of Materia Medica at the New York Homoeopathic College, and was recognised as an excellent teacher. His efforts to reconcile the two opposing camps in American homeopathy has been partly blamed for his early death. Although essentially a book on homeopathic philosophy, a large section analyses various drug provings. To quote from Julian Winston’s Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature – “A collection of papers by Dunham, published posthumously. Although there are some papers on materia medica and direct therapeutics, the majority of the book concerns homoeopathic philosophy and its practical application.” From The American Homoeopathist, "We urge the thoughtful and the studious to obtain the book, which they will esteem as second only to the Organon in its philosophy and learning.”

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