Morris Joyce J.

Morris Joyce J.

In addition to being the founder and director of the Reiki Center of Los Angeles, Joyce is a Certified Reality Therapist and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University and a Masters Degree from Oklahoma University. Her personal philosophy is metaphysically based and wholistic in approach. Joyce is a member of the California and National Associations of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors and The Reiki Alliance. She has an extensive background in Feng Shui, homeopathy, acupressure, stress management, meditation, yoga, and guided imagery. Joyce was working in Dayton, Ohio, when she was introduced to Reiki. She was a counselor in a county funded outpatient program for indigent, low income and court referred clients who were chemically addicted. She was searching for a stress management tool that was quick, simple, easy to teach and required little mental effort to learn; a method her clients could use on themselves to reduce stress quickly so they would not continue to turn to drugs to medicate themselves. Her investigations led her to Reiki. Reiki energy balanced her clients in areas that she had previously been unable to reach with more traditional methods of treatment. Today, Joyce lives and works in the Los Angeles Area, and the Berkshires of New England. Joyce travels throughout California, The Berkshires of New England, Texas, and other locations, training groups of students on a regular basis. She is an accomplished lecturer and speaks on stress management and the use of Reiki at national conferences, and expositions in the fields of chemical dependency, wholistic health and New Age philosophy, and does in-service training for Hospitals and for industry. Joyce’s book Reiki-Hands That Heal is the most accurate and comprehensive book currently available on the subject of Reiki energy healing. She also has a series of guided visualization tapes on healing and spirituality.

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