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  1. Anti-Ageing Exotic Blends Anti-Ageing Exotic Blends

    Anti-Ageing Exotic Blends

    Ageing is a natural process which can be enhanced under certain conditions like stress, pollution, over exhaustion etc. In today’s busy lifestyle, there is very little time to rejuvenate ourselves. Keeping this in mind, the authors have proposed some healthy blends to vitalise one’s youth and promote health multi-dimensionally - physically, mentally and emotionally. These proposed blends have been designed with the help of orthomolecular science & suggested to replace TEA, their basic qualities being categorised as T-Therapeutic, E-energising and A-anti-oxidantrich.

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  2. Nature Cure & Health Care Nature Cure & Health Care

    Nature Cure & Health Care

    There is a growing realization around the world that going away from Nature is in fact running away from good health. While 'hack to nature' is good as a health message, the real challenge lies in its practice-as there is always a big gap between knowledge and behavior, between awareness and action, between attitude and practice. This book familiarizes the readers with the range of holistic health care and alternative therapies, skills and practices in whitch Naturopathy plays a pivotal role. It shows how simple and inexpensive lifestyle changes could safeguard us against a plethora of heal

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