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  1. Bullying in the Workplace Bullying in the Workplace

    Bullying in the Workplace

    One in five people know from personal experience that bullying is not confined to the schoolyard. These people know that bullying is rife in the adult world: it is condoned and even encouraged in politics, in sport, and in the workplace. Bullying in the Workplace: An Occupational Hazard focuses particularly on this from of psychological bullying, which is often done on the sly, without witnesses, and consequently is much more difficult to prove. Helene Richards and Sheila Freeman explore this serious from of psychological bullying in a way that is practical, comprehensive and easy-to-read. Learn More
  2. Strategy for Competition Strategy for Competition

    Strategy for Competition

    • Lead article is by Prof. Drucker • The chapters are included with tables, graphs and pie charts • The book is a must read for students, business persons, enterpreneurs, research workers • Real examples of various brands which flourished due to their competent strategies Learn More
  3. Hidden Champions Hidden Champions

    Hidden Champions

    Combines the best of both world-color theory or strictly color psychology. This title helps readers determine their best colors and suggests why some colors may work whilst some other won't. Learn More
  4. The Great Sales Book The Great Sales Book

    The Great Sales Book

    Don't despair! This exciting Australian book gives you all the practical help and advice you need to maximize your full selling potential. Offers useful, tried-and tested and advices as how to increase your sales productivity. • Not getting all the sales figures you need to make budget? • Feel as though everyone is slamming the door on your face? • Running out of new and innovative ideas for presenting yourself and your product? Learn More

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