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  1. Be Beautiful Be Slim & Trim Be Beautiful Be Slim & Trim

    Be Beautiful Be Slim & Trim

    To be a real beauty one should be a winner in life, one should stand out amongst others and make an impression wherever one goes. Today beauty is not only external beauty but also inner beauty. To be really beautiful you have to live according to the laws of nature and believe in spirituality. Learn More

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    The right food can boost our immunity to fight illness, prevent ageing and help the body to perform its best. We are as healthy as the food we eat. This book throws light on all those foods that are extremely powerful in fighting diseases and are termed as ‘super foods’. Each super food has a specific healing property. Heal naturally! This book also reminds us that in order for the food to give health benefits to the body, we should cultivate healthy eating habits. We should include spices, herbs and grain in our daily diet. These help in cleansing the body and increasing metabolism and providing the body, the required energy. Eating the right food in moderation is the key to a healthy body. If one craves to achieve a sound health by eating the right food, this book serves as the guide. 

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  3. Feast on a Diabetic Diet Feast on a Diabetic Diet

    Feast on a Diabetic Diet

    Diabetes is one of the most common disease, these days. The most problematic question in its management is the dietary restrictions. In this book Aroona puts nutritious & tasty recipes which will be suitable for diabetics. Learn More

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  4. Be Your own Beautician Be Your own Beautician

    Be Your own Beautician

    Choosing the right jewellery 1- leam to be presentable .2- beauty is not just skin deep .3- does not of beauty care .4- your complete guis to makeup .5- the art of applying makeup correctly .6-skin disorder physical defect and how to improve them 7- be your own massur 8- meditation , yoga therepy ,and your skin.

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  5. Feast for a Healthy Heart Feast for a Healthy Heart

    Feast for a Healthy Heart

    The human heart is the sturdiest and toughest organ of the body. It is designed to last you a lifetime. But because of wrong eating habits at a young age this most important organ of our body refuses to work properly. This book contains a sensible selection of low-fat and low-cholesterol foods. These foods provide ammunition against cholesterol accumulation and lowers the cholesterol levels thus preventing heart disease and thus helping in keeping this most important organ healthy and strong. Besides teaching you how to prepare a sensible diet, this book also answers all the questions you ever wanted to know about the working of heart, about high cholesterol and blood pressure. This book is a must, not only for heart patients but for everyone who wants to live with a healthy heart. Learn More

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