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  1. Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit

    Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit

    This book is being offered to the general public with the honest intention of guiding the layman in the homeopathic self-treatment with Homeopathy. Indications of remedies in this book, are based on tips given by past & present stalwarts of homeopathy. In addition, text from various authentic source books is collected & incorporated in this book. For easy handling, phials in Homeopathic Kit are labeled from 1-40, & corresponding number of phial is placed in bracket along with name & indications in the book. Learn More

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  2. Combating Arthritis Combating Arthritis

    Combating Arthritis

    Neck pain is one of the commonest problems one encounters in life.
    In Homoeopathy, the treatment is aimed for the suffering constitution who is prone to develop such a degeneration than for the actual degeneration itself, the reason being many times patients with X-ray changes of cervical degeneration may be quite asymptomatic and then suddenly one fine day they may develop symptoms of mild to moderate or severe form. Also it has been observed that often symptoms disappear after indicated homoeopathic remedy is given but the changes in the cervical spine persist.

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  3. Homeopathic Treatment of Pet Animals Homeopathic Treatment of Pet Animals

    Homeopathic Treatment of Pet Animals

    Pet Animals - Disease and Their Homeopathic Treatment is a boon for every animal lover who wants to know how to take good care of these pets. This book briefs the user regarding animal anatomy and also tells about recognizing features of healthy & sick animals. The book yields a comprehensive knowledge about different diseases of pets and their symptoms along with indicated homeopathic remedy. This book will prove helpful to every master as he can give his pet an appropriate timely treatment. Learn More

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  4. Super baby food Super baby food

    Super baby food

    * How and when to start your baby on solid foods with detailed information on the safest high chair, spoons, and other feeding equipment. * Which foods to introduce to your baby during each month of his first year with details on proper food consistency, amount and temperature. * How much you can expect your baby to eat and drink during the months of his first year with information on his digestive system at each age. * The Super baby Food Diet for your baby and toddler with feeding schedules and worksheets which make it easy to feed your baby a healthy, balanced diet. * Your babys physical, emotional. and psychological development as it applies to self-feeding with a spoon and fork. * When you can expect your baby to start finger feeding, drinking from a cup, and self-feeding with a spoon a fork. * This book will give you the knowledge and confidence to make your own healthy and safe homemade baby vegetables, fruits, cereals and other Super Baby Foods * Food allergies and important food warnings and safety precautions. * Hundreds of money saving and time saving child care and kitchen tips. * More that 350 quick, easy, delicious, nutritious and sometimes entertaining recipes. * How to make meals fun! Food decorating! Cake patterns! Toddler party snacks and favors! Many other entertaining ideas! * Recipes for homemade play dough, finger paints, bubbles for blowing and dozens of other childrens crafts. *All about nutrition and your baby, including and your baby, including nutrient tables of all major vitamins and minerals with convenient baby-sized portions to help you be sure that your baby is getting proper nourishment. * How to save money by making homemade yogurt, fruit leather, and how to grow sprouts, fruit plants and herbs in your kitchen. * Easy, economical recipes for homemade baby accessories such as baby wipes, diaper cream and more. baby-safe and environment-friendly recipes for household cleaning products such as baby-safe drain cleaners, furniture polish, window cleaners and more.

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  5. Yoga for Pregnancy Yoga for Pregnancy

    Yoga for Pregnancy

    Sandra Jordan offers yoga as a way of developing self-reliance and calmness of mind during pregnancy. Practicing yoga poses with quiet mindfulness develops a strong, supple body and the ability to breathe deeply and relax completely. Yoga for Pregnancy provides ninety-two Iyengar poses carefully chosen for their safety and effectiveness during and after pregnancy.

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  6. Be Your own Beautician Be Your own Beautician

    Be Your own Beautician

    Choosing the right jewellery 1- leam to be presentable .2- beauty is not just skin deep .3- does not of beauty care .4- your complete guis to makeup .5- the art of applying makeup correctly .6-skin disorder physical defect and how to improve them 7- be your own massur 8- meditation , yoga therepy ,and your skin.

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  7. Be Beautiful Be Slim & Trim Be Beautiful Be Slim & Trim

    Be Beautiful Be Slim & Trim

    To be a real beauty one should be a winner in life, one should stand out amongst others and make an impression wherever one goes. Today beauty is not only external beauty but also inner beauty. To be really beautiful you have to live according to the laws of nature and believe in spirituality. Learn More

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  8. Hair Care Hair Care

    Hair Care

    If you wish to have those voluminous and bouncy hair which shine or you need to take care of your curly locks (natural or artificial), this book is a must for you. The book first explains the structure of hair, followed by its diseases like dandruff, hair fallm premature graying, etc. and thereafter how to manage these hair problems with Homeopathy, Herbs, Ayurveda and other alternative therapies, styling of hair, etc. are also discussed. Besides this, an indivisualistic approach to different hair types has also been explained.

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  9. 10 No-Diet Secrets to a Fabulous Body: Feel Good Naked 10 No-Diet Secrets to a Fabulous Body: Feel Good Naked

    10 No-Diet Secrets to a Fabulous Body: Feel Good Naked

    Discover: Why just switching from diet soda to water will cause you to lose at least 5 pounds! How ten minutes of exercise can change your face and your life. Why one should never deprive yourself of your favorite tastes, etc.

    Learn More

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  10. Herbal Treatment for Diabetes Herbal Treatment for Diabetes

    Herbal Treatment for Diabetes

    This book is a part of the series of books on herbal treatment for common ailments. The notion is to induce people to live closer to nature and to think in terms of leading healthy lives.

    Learn More

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