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  1. The Poultry Doctor The Poultry Doctor

    The Poultry Doctor

    Homoeopathy offers to poultry raisers a system of medicine for their fowls which is exceedingly efficacious, involve little labour and trifling expense.

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  2. Sex Problems and their Treatment Sex Problems and their Treatment

    Sex Problems and their Treatment

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  3. Easy to Cook Snacks Easy to Cook Snacks

    Easy to Cook Snacks

    Snacks are often thought of as lunch box ideas or an accompaniment to a picnic. Snacks are a terrific way to eat healthy and nutritious food. It also keeps our energy levels going and do not add to our weight. This book contains delicious and mouth watering recipes of snacks. The refreshing recipes in the book are simple, versatile and easy to make. The assortment of light and nutritious recipes included in this book, go beyond the average lunch box and can be consumed as appetizers and starters. Learn More

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    Special Price र183.08

  4. Easy to Cook Potatoes Easy to Cook Potatoes

    Easy to Cook Potatoes

    Potato, a widely eaten and nutritious vegetable, comes in a variety of avatars. It can be baked, fried, boiled or more than often is consumed as an accompaniment to other vegetables. This book is a fabulous assortment of mouth-watering dishes made using Potato as the chief ingredient. A variety of cuisines with potato as its chief ingredient are included in this book with their varying and contrasting flavours, and textures. This book is a whole new approach to cook Potatoes and explore the varying tastes which this humble vegetable holds. Learn More

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    The right food can boost our immunity to fight illness, prevent ageing and help the body to perform its best. We are as healthy as the food we eat. This book throws light on all those foods that are extremely powerful in fighting diseases and are termed as ‘super foods’. Each super food has a specific healing property. Heal naturally! This book also reminds us that in order for the food to give health benefits to the body, we should cultivate healthy eating habits. We should include spices, herbs and grain in our daily diet. These help in cleansing the body and increasing metabolism and providing the body, the required energy. Eating the right food in moderation is the key to a healthy body. If one craves to achieve a sound health by eating the right food, this book serves as the guide. 

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  6. Defeat Insomnia Defeat Insomnia

    Defeat Insomnia

    Monica Jane Shalit, Natural Health Therapist, Author andEducator Both in her daily life and natural therapy practice,Monica Jane Shalit embraces a mind, body, spirit philosophy. Sheeducates people about the importance of creating a harmonious andhealthy life, which includes the role of our spiritual journey andintegrating with nature. Monica utilises many modalities to helppatients achieve healthy outcomes. It has been her privilege totravel throughout the world teaching, connecting and sharing withpeople from all cultures. She has also been a sought after speakerand educator on radio for 30 years. Defeat Insomnia is Monicassecond book.

    Jeanette Leigh, Author, Journalist, Blogger Jeanette Leigh hasdevoted more than 20 years to researching and writing about healthand is a passionate believer in the effectiveness of a holisticapproach. The power of the stories in her five health books,newspaper articles, and website,, haveimpacted the lives of people around the world. People are inspiredby the array of possibilities available to help themselves andtheir loved ones. Jeanette says it is a joy to be able to assist inthis way and she has seen people with aggressive disease turn theirlives and health around by adopting the approaches andpractitioners that she has recommended.

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  7. Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies

    Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies

    Respiratory infections & allergies worldwide continue to be a major cause of morbidity for all age groups. Careless prescription of antibiotics & anti-allerfics are only accounting for repeated incidences as the treatment is not directed at the root level. With Homeopathy & other alternative therapies fast becoming popular, people today have more options to choose from & tackle their problems more effectively than all. With 'Defeat Common cold', our objective is to educate the masses on the therapeutic benefits etc. In recurring colds & nasal allergies. Care has been taken to include a detailed clinical background of these with a systematic proposition of the most commonly indicated remedies under each specialty. Some useful illustrations on the various yogic asanas have been included for practical purposes. A Handbook of all that one needs to know on effective management of common cold. Equally useful for the lay person as well as the general practitioner. Helps one to manage common cold and nose allergies with different treatment options and avoid the unnecessary use of antibiotics and anti-allergens. Learn More

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  8. The Cure for All Cancers The Cure for All Cancers

    The Cure for All Cancers

    Human Anatomy Illustrated is the concise atlas depicting different parts and systems of the human body. In these beautifully coloured and easily comprehensible illustrations, the complete human body is explained with accuracy. This new edition features illustrations with neat and clear labelling. It will be useful to the students in the lecture hall, classroom and dissection laboratories. Moreover, this book is available for the general public who want to know about the different organs and systems of the human body.

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  9. Secret of Health Secret of Health

    Secret of Health

    Worry is the main cause of 2/3rd of our diseases. Help get rid of them with this book. It gives practical ways of assessing yourself ways, strengthening the relation and to remove tension from daily life.

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  10. Good Health It's a Question of Balance Good Health It's a Question of Balance

    Good Health It's a Question of Balance

    Providing easy-to-follow overviews of some of the most ancient and widely respected natural healing techniques. Loaded with helpful illustrations and lucid analogies, this quick-reading primer will ease you into the often overwhelming world of alternative medicine with an appealing blend of assessable writing and heart-warming humor. Learn More

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