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  1. Homeopathic Principles & Practice of Medicine Homeopathic Principles & Practice of Medicine

    Homeopathic Principles & Practice of Medicine

    'I appreciate this wonderful work of Dr V.K. Chauhan, which is a first attempt at understanding medicine in line with homeopathy. It is a must have in a homeopath's clinic for a quick glance anytime he needs. - Dr D.P. Rastogi 'I congratulate the author for creating this wonderful work on practice of medicine subject. The miasm given of different diseases is a very intersting features. I recommend this book to one and all of the homeopathic community.' A much-needed book on the Practice of Medicine along with Homeopathic management of all diseases. It covers all the conditions and diseases of various systems in a comprehensive way (easy to understand and remember simultaneously). The exclusive added feature is the mention of predominant miasm and homeopathic therapeutics of all conditions given in the book. A separate section on emergencies has also been included. For the convenience of students, the book has been divided into three broad sections. 1. Principles of Homeopathic Practice; 2. Current Biomedical Concepts of Medicine and their Diagnosis with Homeopathic Therapeutics; 3. The book proves the fact that medicine is not a tough subject and that medicine certainly can be understood from a homeopathic point of view also. Learn More

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  2. Mnemonics in Materia Medica Mnemonics in Materia Medica

    Mnemonics in Materia Medica

    Mnemonic means improvement of memory by special method. In our day-to-day practice, we come across many abbreviations like W.H.O. for World Health Organisation, and A.I.D.S. for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, respectavily. Medicine, like any other branch of science is an ever-expanding subject, and it is true that one must progressively acquire more and newer knowledge. Advance in medical field is very rapid. There is no short cut in medicine, but one can memorise the medical facts very easily with the help of Mnemonics. There are vast opportunities to create mnemonics on various topic.

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  3. Allens Keynotes Comparisons Rearranged Allens Keynotes Comparisons Rearranged

    Allens Keynotes Comparisons Rearranged

    All the comparisons are rearranged , are given within brackets under the principal remedy. Special features are special remedy index, special therapeutic index and alphabetical arrangement of remedies.Suitable for students and practitioners, this title deals with homeopathy.

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    A K Sharma is a MBBS and holds the MD, DV from London. Has been an avid writes with significant contributor to homeopathic literatures to more understanding the allied subjects of medicine easier and comfortable. He has authored a number of books including on pathology, physiology, jurisprudence, medicine, gynecology and hygiene.

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  5. Imponderabilia Homoeopathic Direct Energy Medicines Imponderabilia Homoeopathic Direct Energy Medicines

    Imponderabilia Homoeopathic Direct Energy Medicines


    When I was working on Sarcodes and Nosodes, I feil in love with Direct Energy Medicines. The beauty and intelligence of these remedies stole my heart. I enquired about the literature, but, I found that there is no sufficient matter available on these medicines. So, I decided at once to work on these miraculous medicines.For the first time. a separate work is coming on Direct Energy Medicines. These are the most potent medicines in hands of homoeopaths. The factor of speciflcity is also an additional factor attached with them. With this great characteristic or feature, they can be used at bed side quickly and very effectively.I have tried to cover all the aspects or realm of these medicines. From theoretical insight to practical approach, the whole journey regarding these medicines has been completed. I do not claim for the perfections of this work, but I have put all my mental energy to analyse the hidden and mysterious Divine power of these medicines.

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    The book is equipped with an idea to catch hold with the vast expanding field of Surgery in simple and easy to understand manner for effective grasp of the subject. The work that recommends thousands of questions and answers integrating the perception of exhaustive principles of surgery in the most simplest and effortless way. It is strictly prepared according to the Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) syllabus. The questions are arranged to provide the best possible satisfaction to professors and students. Those who are learning surgery for medical examination and other paramedical courses will find it valuable and helpful. Highlighted important points for quick revision to prepare for both written exams as well as viva voce. The attempt that ensures that no essential concept gets missed out and resolves the difficulties of students that are faced and would be able to match up between time and word limit. This book solves the problems whilst answering questions like what to write? What not to write? How much to write? What to write first? How to end answer? When to use flowcharts? The invaluable book that accomplishes all the difficulties while attempting answers. In short, a quick and precise aid for side by side preparation and revision for examination. This book shall benefit many students and practitioners.

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  7. The Conquest of Disease The Conquest of Disease

    The Conquest of Disease

    The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice & Other Stories from Natural Medicine is a collection of essays and patient cases from the files of a long time practitioner of natural medicine. Dr. Amy Rothenberg opens a window into her work of providing complementary and alternative medicine to her patients. From a patient with allergies to a defiant child, from a man with reflux disease to an infertile woman, Dr. Rothenbergs informative compilation of stories and musings offers readers insight into both the philosophy and the practicalities of the approaches she uses in the clinic, reflecting the inner workings of a modern day practitioner of naturopathic medicine. Rothenberg has looked deeply into the doctor/patient relationship, the interface between orthodox medicine and natural medicine as well as at her own evolution as a physician. Her introspection coupled with her openness and easy writing style invite even the casual reader on an enjoyable journey through the state of the art and profession of complementary and alternative medicine. She writes with accuracy, detail and flavor. Her story and this book help to define and exemplify the work of naturopathic medicine and further propel patients, medical colleagues and policy makers toward deeper understanding and appreciation of these effective and gentle approaches to healing.

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    Book givinga detailed description of the medicinal plants used in homoeopathy not only from botanical point of view but also their homoeopathic use. The colorful illustrations of the plants adds to the beauty of the book

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    The present book is the outcome of years of rigorous study and hard work by the author and it will definitely help as a candle in the dark. The author has carefully evaluated the course that has been prescribed by the Central Council of Homoeopathy to give the real spirit of psychology that is needed to the profession and thus will help students to understand various principles and utility of psychology. This is a self-learned book, that has been prepared in such a manner that even a layman can grasp the subject easily without drawing any help. The total coverage of the subject is in a lucid and simple style with dozens of illustrations. Learn More

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  10. Handbook of Surgery with Therapeutic Hints Handbook of Surgery with Therapeutic Hints

    Handbook of Surgery with Therapeutic Hints

    The modern medicines which are used before, during and after the operations can be safely replaced by the homoeopathic medicines and with better results too. The medicines, along with their indications, have been given for each condition to give it a fair trial before the operation.

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