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  1. Biochemical Treatment of Disease Biochemical Treatment of Disease

    Biochemical Treatment of Disease

    Much needed book for combating a debilitating disease like tuberculosis and its fatal consequences from the author’s bagful of experience. The construction of the book is such that it has been being divided into 12 chapters based on 12 different symptoms of tuberculosis, thus giving an exhaustive coverage of homoeopathic treatment and its management at every stage of the disease along with remarks by eminent practitioners in this field . Symptoms of remedies have been given in boxes so that one can go through them easily. Practical expedient including diet, clothing etc. makes it a must have. Spirometry has also been explained in detail.

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  2. Forty Tissue Remedies Forty Tissue Remedies

    Forty Tissue Remedies

    The book speaks highly on the constitutional approach to the treatment of skin diseases as these are, like any other disease, a manifestation of the dynamically deranged life principles and not local conditions which can be excised or cured by topical applications as is the trend in medicine The book has been divided into 3 separate sections for the convenience of reading – the first part dealing with the effect of suppression in skin disease, the second part containing case records with dosage and follow up and third part discussion the constitutional cure of alopecia areata with case records to guide through its management .

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  3. Biochemic Pocket Guide with Repertory Biochemic Pocket Guide with Repertory

    Biochemic Pocket Guide with Repertory

    This excellent reference book is designed to be a concise textbook of the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract. Dr. Paige has divided the book into five sections: - the first deals with diseases of the Trachea, the second deals with diseases of the Bronchi, the third – diseases of the Lungs, the fourth – diseases of the Pleura, and the fifth – diseases of the Mediastinum. He gives the definition, aetiology, pathology, symptoms, physical signs, complications, diagnosis, prognosis, general treatment and the proven Homeopathic remedies that have been found to be the most useful, for over thirty specific diseases including: - pneumonia, tuberculosis, emphysema, pulmonary haemorrhage, lung cancer, pulmonary abscess, pleuritis, and pleurisy.

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