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  1. Diphtheria Diphtheria


    The book comments exhaustively on the childhood infection with diphtheria & provides for a historical over view, investigatory details, symptomatology of commonly indicated drugs with case references, supplementary part on management methods & the role of disinfectants & antiseptics in combating the diphtheritic poison. Learn More

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  2. 50 Reasons for Being a Homoeopath 6th Edition 50 Reasons for Being a Homoeopath 6th Edition

    50 Reasons for Being a Homoeopath 6th Edition

    50 reason for being a Homeopath is one of the classical works of Dr. J. Compton Burnett. In this book he has discussed various conditions which are either labelled incurable or surgical by other schools of medicines and how some of these conditions can be managed with homeopathic medicines. He has also discussed some of the cases and homeopathic approach in such cases and the use of some of the rare remedies. Learn More

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  3. Diseases of the Heart Diseases of the Heart

    Diseases of the Heart

    The recognition of peculiar & characteristic symptoms from the vast sea of diverse symptoms of varying importance is a difficult & tedious task which has been targeted in this book. The author tries to highlight some invaluable points on symptom evaluation, remedy selection & response analysis. The book has an introductory part on the construction of the homeopathic Materia Medica & Organon with hints on case taking, genius of remedies& management of disease. The various changing perceptions on symptomatology has been discussed with special reference to Boenninghausen’s totality, Boger’s approach & totality according to Dr. Roberts .Questions related to potency have been answered in a convincing fashion. The book concludes with a chapter on “conclusions & plan of action”. It is hoped that this book will be found useful & a practical guide in the effective practice of homeopathy. Learn More

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    From the author of the much-loved beginners’ guide to Buddhism comes the long-awaited companion... A timely, down-to-earth and highly accessible introduction to Buddhism. This book stuck a chord with national and international readers alike. In The Buddha Speaks, Adrienne Howley continues her mission to demystify Buddhism by showing how anyone can integrate its practices into their everyday life. She also answers the questions many of her readers have raised, such as: ?How can Buddhism make me happy? ?How does a Buddhist cope with grief and loss? ?How can I always practise generosity? ?How can I move away from greed and hatred? ?I want to meditate, but how do I start? In her warm and gently humorous style, Adrienne Howley unlocks the original basic tenets and practices of Buddhism, the fastest-growing religion worldwide, and shows us how we can apply its teaching in useful and meaningful ways to our lives.

    Learn More

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  5. Updated Additions to Repertory of Mind Updated Additions to Repertory of Mind

    Updated Additions to Repertory of Mind

    Rademacher's object was to make known the excellent virtues of some remedies, which he not only found efficacious, but which he declared to be really indispensable.

    Learn More

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  6. The Change of Life in Women The Change of Life in Women

    The Change of Life in Women

    This book deals specifically with the role that Homeopathy can play in beating complaints related to Menopause. This guide offers a safe and natural approach for women who are going through menopause. It offers detailed explanations of all aspects of the changes likely to be encountered during this period of a woman's life. Accepting menopause as a natural and essentially positive stage in a woman's life, the author shows how to treat common discomforts that may arise before, during, or after menopause, including menstrual irregularities, hot flushes, night sweats, depression, sleep disturbances, tumors of breast, precancerous uterus, neurasthenia, retardation, prolapse uterus, post0climacteric dyspepsia, retraction of nipple and aching joints. Taking a broad perspective on promoting good health and general well-being, the author also covers ways to guard against diseases and suggests the real meaning of what THE CHANGE OF LIFE actually signifies. This is an excellent manual of homeopathic treatments, focusing solely on menopause stage of women. . Illustrates a wide array of diseases related to menopause and their homeopathic management . Case illustrations for easy grasp of the subject . Notes on Lyssinum, Jaborandi, Glinicum . Sycosis at the change of life Learn More

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  7. Gold as a Remedy in Disease Gold as a Remedy in Disease

    Gold as a Remedy in Disease

    A detailed account of the therapeutic wonders of gold in diseases of diverse kind, beautifully co-related by clinical quotes & references.

    Learn More

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  8. Index to Homoeopathic Provings Index to Homoeopathic Provings

    Index to Homoeopathic Provings

    This book is intended as a guide to publications containing records of the testing, or proving the effects of drugs and poisons upon the healthy human body. The name of each medicinal substance is first given, followed by the most important of its synonyms and popular names. It has been thought best not to include the German or French names of the remedies. Titles of books containing pathogeneses follow, and afterwards references to original provings, with the names of the provers, alphabetically arranged.

    Learn More

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