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  1. Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy

    Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy

    Homeopathy is a science which is based on totality of symptoms for bringing about a complete cure.

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  2. Los Nosodes Generalidades Materia Medica Los Nosodes Generalidades Materia Medica

    Los Nosodes Generalidades Materia Medica

    A highly informative book on the origin of homeopathy & its evolution, keeping in mind the unavailability & scant of quality literature on this subject.

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    Regular Price: र240.00

    Special Price र220.80

  3. Biblioteca De " La Homeopatia Esencialidades De Materia Medica Y Farmacia Homeopatica Biblioteca De " La Homeopatia Esencialidades De Materia Medica Y Farmacia Homeopatica

    Biblioteca De " La Homeopatia Esencialidades De Materia Medica Y Farmacia Homeopatica

    an authentic yet so readable work by Dr diwan harish chand, a living legend himself. Who has borrowed material from his fathers homeopathci literature to put together this epic story of the rise of homeopathy in the country. Must read for all the homeopaths. Learn More

    Regular Price: र650.00

    Special Price र598.00

  4. Cuadros Graficos Cuadros Graficos

    Cuadros Graficos

    read the masters final views on homeopathic science in his own words! a special revised edition with new updated 6th Edition of organon refurnished due to constant request by beloved readers to redo this treatise in a manner which is consistant with modern books. Various postive changes have been made to understand the subject in an easy and effortless way.

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    Regular Price: र540.00

    Special Price र496.80

  5. Filosofia Homeopatica Filosofia Homeopatica

    Filosofia Homeopatica

    Lesser Writings by Dr. J.T. Kent was first published in 1926. This collection contains 29 remedies, many clinical cases, writings from letters, published articles and lectures of Dr. Kent. He has described new remedies like : Aurum salts- arsenicum; iodatum; and sulphuratum, Calendula officinalis, Wyethia helenoides, and a proving of Cenchris contortrix. Among the lectures topics covered are the homeopathic treatment of cancer, how to study and use the repertory, and an exposition on his use of the potency series, 30, 200, 1M, 10M. Over 100 case vignettes are included from the treatment of acute mania to the cure of infantile paralysis. The clinical cases published in this book are those from Dr. Kent’s practice. All are considered of great value to the student of Homeopathy. However, this work presents a grand opportunity to observe how Kent practiced- how he studied remedies, what symptoms he paid attention to, why he used certain potencies. This entire collection is only a part of Dr. Kent’s writings and were selected from various libraries after considerable efforts & are considered the best results of his pen.

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    Special Price र552.00

  6. Study of Materia Medica and Taking Case Study of Materia Medica and Taking Case

    Study of Materia Medica and Taking Case

    This book makes an important contribution to our understanding of miasms and their place in classical homeopathic prescribing. The following statement from the foreword to the book summarises its appeal - ‘Generally it’s rather easy to make a correct first prescription. Real difficulties mostly occur later on when the first remedy is not effective any more and only a few symptoms point to an exact following remedy.’ It includes information on miasms, diathesis, Bowel nosodes, Isopathic nosodes, energetic points, muscle testing and various sample cases. This book emphasises on the fact that the only way in homeopathy to treat the negative information carried by chromosome is by the use of classic and bowel nosodes which acts as a preventative approach against degenerative diseases like arteriosclerosis, coronary infarction, rheumatic diseases and diseases due to failure of the immune system such as allergy, cancer, etc.

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  7. Constitutional Medicine Constitutional Medicine

    Constitutional Medicine

    No knowledge is perfect unless it includes an understanding of the origin that is, the beginning and as all man's diseases originate in his constitution, it is necessary that his Constitution should be known if we wish to know his diseases. One of the best references written by Dr. Clarke with his vast knowledge & experience illustrating in-depth benefits of constitutional prescribing with special reference to the constitutions of Von Grauvogl. The book illustrates Hydrogenoid, Oxygenoid and Carbonitrogenoid constitutions with practical examples. . Reference to the three constitutions of Dr. Von Grauvogl with practical examples . Practical tips on how to apply constitutional prescribing in daily practical Learn More

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    Special Price र115.00

  8. Homeopathy  Psychology Homeopathy  Psychology

    Homeopathy Psychology

    In this book the author presents his own of the personality profiles of 35 major homeopathic remedies, the sole result of the author's clinical experience. These remedy pictures differ from the classical presentations. Bailey has included information about mental behaviors, internal conflicts, emotional tendencies, spiritual concerns and physical appearances. He has also given the male to female ratio for each constitutional type. 'Dr Philip Bailey's penetrating discussion of thirty-five different remedies carries the stamp of clinical authority and scholarship. His introductory chapter provides a number of clinical pearls with regard to history taking. The book offers elemental analysis of constitutional types showing how homeopathy and other medical systems may one day be linked. Homeopathic Psychology is an important addition to the dialogue between homeopathy and psychiatry.' - Jonathan Davidson 'This book gives insight into the basic nature of many important remedies. It is well-written and accurate. I recommend it to every student and practitioner of homeopathy.' - Roger Morrison 'Homeopathic psychology futhers our understanding of the psychology of the major homeopathic remedies. Dr Bailey well explains our existing knowledge of the remedies and broadens our understanding of them, providing numerous highly original observations. His descriptions of the psychogeness and psychodynamics of the remedies is engrossing. Homeopathic psychology is a pleasure to read and has enhanced my familiarity with the materia medica,' - George Guess Learn More

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    Special Price र321.08

  9. Hahnemannian Provings Hahnemannian Provings

    Hahnemannian Provings

    It is a book written keeping in mind the difficulty the students and the physicians face in memorizing the vast number of symptoms in the drugs in our Materia Medica. Top ten indications or the Red-line symptoms of 120 very important remedies of our materia medica are given for quick and easy reference in clinical practice as well as during studies. Learn More

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    Special Price र46.00

  10. Una Guia El Hogar-Prescriptor Rapido De Cabecera Una Guia El Hogar-Prescriptor Rapido De Cabecera

    Una Guia El Hogar-Prescriptor Rapido De Cabecera

    It is a short and a concise compilation illustrating the art of case taking with the help of 10 It is 15 page Indian pamphlets on case-taking illustrated with the help of ten cases. Learn More

    Regular Price: र900.00

    Special Price र828.00

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