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  1. Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology including Neonatology with Homoeopathic Therapeutics is an excellent book on the same subject The Editors of B. Jain Publishers have tried to make the subject as complete as possible: . By including a section on neonatology which includes all the relevant topics encountered in day-to-day practice. It includes care of the newborn, neonatal examination, and diseases affecting the new born like respiratory distress syndrome, meconium aspiration syndrome, etc. . In obstetrics, all topics from the basic principals of reproduction to diagnosis of pregnancy to antenatal care to the mechansm of normal and abnormal labor have been dealt with. A special mention has also been made of the operative procedures in obstetrics. . Gynecology has also been thoroughly dealt with by including infertility and contraception. . An attempt has also been made to include all the important homoeopathic therapeutics in each topic. Wherever necessary allopathic treatment is also included. Hence, the reader does not have to refer to different books for homoeopathic therapeutics and allopathic emergency treatment. . Also, a chapter on instruments used in obstetrics and gynecology has been included. . Finally, in the end, serveral multiples choice questions have been added to help students in their vica voce. . A full attempt has been made to keep the language of the book simple so that not only students ans practitioners can make use of it but also laymen, who can use it as a Self0help book, giving them the much needed information on these, very common problems. Learn More

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  2. Practical Diet Guide in Homoeopathy Practical Diet Guide in Homoeopathy

    Practical Diet Guide in Homoeopathy

    Practical tips and advice on diet for conditions commonly encountered in homeopathic practice. Equips the homeopath with sufficient knowledge on dietetics.The book emphasizes on the role of a homeopath as a consultant as well as a diet advisor as opposed to the conventional system of medicine where patients are specially referred to dieticians. It is a very useful addition to a homoeopath`s library as it provides information on the diet in various diseased conditions encountered in day to day practice. Also, the author has touched upon other systems of alternative medicine and the relevant dietary advice which would once again prove useful in practice.

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    Special Price र17.48

  3. Guide to Gynaecology Guide to Gynaecology

    Guide to Gynaecology

    A useful book meant especially for undergraduates & graduates for quick revision in their preperation & refreshing of the subject of gynaecology with homeopathic therapeutics of the various conditions this treatise is meant mainly for undergraduates for preparing and refreshing the subject for examination and will serve its maximum utility if the subject has been previously referred from some standard text book. The subject matter has been presented in a question and answer format for quick revision. answers to the questions are very precise and given point wise. useful diagrams have been included at the back for a better grasp of the subject.

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    Special Price र18.40

  4. Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A) Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A)

    Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A)

    Homeopathy adopts the same attitude towards ‘ Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology’ as it does towards medicine and surgery. But while dealing with obstetrical and gynaecological cases a homeopathic physician must be trained in special clinical methods of investigation for diagnosing local conditions and discriminating cases where surgical intervention either as a life saving measure or for removing mechanical obstacles is necessary.

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    Special Price र228.78

  5. Side effects & Adverse Symptoms of Homoeopathic Medicines in their Lower Attenuations Side effects & Adverse Symptoms of Homoeopathic Medicines in their Lower Attenuations

    Side effects & Adverse Symptoms of Homoeopathic Medicines in their Lower Attenuations

    A unique book of enormous value for the homeopathic community. It is the first book which shows the results of systematic verification of homeopathy. This is one of the few books borne out of research and experience and is something which adds to the homeopathic literature. It validates the science and gives useful information as to which symptoms given in our Materia Medica can be seen in patients clinically today and helps one segregate the symptoms which are not seen these days as author has gathered this information based on his clinical experience of 25 years.

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    Special Price र23.00

  6. AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Links AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Links

    AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Links

    We doubt that a substantial portion of those, with the virus will ever 'become sick with AIDS. We also dispute the possibility of curing AIDS with a drug or vaccine directed against the supposed viral cause... We outline a new interpretation of the genesis of this disease and indicate ways of coping with it, of limiting and averting its Further depredations. The AIDS virus is probably little more than another 'opportunistic' infection of an already destroyed immune system-at the most a 'co-factor' which may possibly give rise to AIDS when combined with other factors ... the search should be for factors which undermine the immune system and thus predispose to infection with ... the AIDS virus and others which may ordinarily be quite innocuous. The continuing assault on the immune system from the drugs used in modem medicine has helped prepare the ground for the modern scourge of AIDS. Learn More

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  7. Órgano rey, la próstata Órgano rey, la próstata

    Órgano rey, la próstata

    This ready reference book is extremely easy to use as all the rubrics are listed alphabetically. It contains all the rubrics relating to human likes and dislikes and their related outcomes (eg. Motion, aversion to, Abdomen, heaviness of, during) and it shows the appropriate remedies associated with each of the rubrics. This is another great reference and time saving book.

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    Regular Price: र420.00

    Special Price र386.40

  8. Probing the Mind & Other Guiding Symptoms Probing the Mind & Other Guiding Symptoms

    Probing the Mind & Other Guiding Symptoms

    The main objective of this booklet is to lay down a track following which the physician's task in understanding the state of mind and disposition of the patient (or changes therein) is made very easy. A few illustrative cases are also given to show how method can be put into practice. In view of the fact that many students complain of getting confused when "taking the case", we felt the necessity of outlining how to elicit the other symptoms which complete the "totality of the case" such as the physical generals, causations, concomitants and the peculiar, uncommon and characteristic symptoms (sometimes called key-notes) in a separate section. Learn More

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  9. Revolution in Homoeopathy Revolution in Homoeopathy

    Revolution in Homoeopathy

    This is an ambitious and detailed work from a much beloved practitioner and educator. Hahnemann Revisited is comprehensive and instructive for both novice and master in the healing arts of homeopathy.

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  10. Thermal Reactivity in Homeopathy Includes Thermal Therapeutics Thermal Reactivity in Homeopathy Includes Thermal Therapeutics

    Thermal Reactivity in Homeopathy Includes Thermal Therapeutics

    the authors have made a fine effort to explain various topics in an easily comprehensive manner by keeping in mind great philsophers like H A roberts, stuart close etc. they have tried to elaborate various principles and lawas of homeopathy with their application by giving day-to-day examples, which make the things easy to understand. Learn More

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