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  1. Restricciones Dieteticas Y Recomnda Ciones En Homeopatia Restricciones Dieteticas Y Recomnda Ciones En Homeopatia

    Restricciones Dieteticas Y Recomnda Ciones En Homeopatia

    El sexo es uno de los aspectos más importantes de la vida humana. No hay ser humano perfecto a menos de que él o ella disfrute de una experiencia sexual. La actividad sexual se realiza para la procreación así como para el placer sexual. Las enfermedades sexuales y otros padecimientos pertenecientes a las actividades sexuales se han discutido en este trabajo en un lenguaje sencillo. Este trabajo se ha basado en una aproximación terapéutica y práctica. Los medicamentos homeopáticos presentados en este trabajo son generalmente específicos y trabajan bien si se administran de acuerdo con los principios correctos. Los remedios están seguros de trabajar si se seleccionan de acuerdo con la totalidad sintomática, y en caso de que esta última se haya recogido adecuadamente en la toma del caso. Learn More

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  2. Homeopathy Healing Homeopathy Healing

    Homeopathy Healing

    The book gives clinical knowledge along with the knowledge of the material medica as the author has selected about 25 remedies and under their individual headings collected a number of clinical cases, illustrating clearly their uses. He has written this book (previously entitled The Testimony of the Clinic) as a testimony to the effectiveness of homeopathy, illustrating each of the twenty five remedies that he has chosen with clearly written and engaging case notes of cures. The remedies covered in this book are: - Acon., Ant Tart, Apis, Ars alb, Aurum, Baptisia, Calc, Carbo veg, China, Digitalis, Graphites, Lyc, Merc, Mez, Mosch, Nat mur, Nux mosch, Opium, Phos, Podo, Puls, Rhus tox, Sabadilla, Sepia, and Sulph. Learn More

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  3. The Homoeopathic Emergency Guide The Homoeopathic Emergency Guide

    The Homoeopathic Emergency Guide

    This book is a concise step-by-step guide for successful home treatment. Learn More

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  4. Homoeopathic Guide Homoeopathic Guide

    Homoeopathic Guide

    Highly informative data for family, group and individuals with or without medical service. Very, valuable to those who, by intelligent action, can save their families thousands of dollars.

    Learn More

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  5. Homoeopathy 102 Homoeopathy 102

    Homoeopathy 102

    descriptions of the various types of constipation including the aetiologies, symptoms and treatment for all of them. It also includes a repertory dealing with constipation and a specific Materia Medica showing their indications for constipation as well as fascinating case notes to illustrate each of the remedies. Learn More

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  6. Coping With Chemotherapy using Homeopathy Coping With Chemotherapy using Homeopathy

    Coping With Chemotherapy using Homeopathy

    This pocket book tackles tumor conditions with ease by discussing role of homoeopathic medicines in curing them. Learn More

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    This book deals with all the aspects of Osteoporosis from its types, causes, nutrition, exercise tips, fractures and a detailed explanation of management. It includes special chapters on bone health in school children, youth and osteoporosis, management of fractures and osteoporosis in women. Various osteoporosis related exercise tips for different age groups has been illustrated.

    Learn More

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    Special Price र183.08

  8. Beginners Guide to Homeopathy Beginners Guide to Homeopathy

    Beginners Guide to Homeopathy

    This book aims to help people use homeopathy for their common ailments. The contents of the book are divided into various sections covering the main organs, organ systems and includes diseases of varying age groups. The author has given the most common remedies for all these ailments along with their relevant indications. To effect cure, author has also advised regarding the potency and repetition of the dose. It is one of the best selling books for common masses to reap the benefits of homeopathy.

    Learn More

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