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  1. Homoeopathy Before and After Surgery Homoeopathy Before and After Surgery

    Homoeopathy Before and After Surgery

    The book will provide the techniques of combining biochemic salts and administering them to the patients along with the indicated homoeopathic medicines. The numerous case studies will show that this way the cure is achieved surer and faster.

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  2. Surgery & Homoeopathic Therapeutics Surgery & Homoeopathic Therapeutics

    Surgery & Homoeopathic Therapeutics

    The students of surgery have to gather information from different textbooks of surgery and homeopathic therapeutics. That means the students have to refer to several literature to collect the relevant information. Thus, the main aim of this book is to bring all the relevant and pertinent information in a single volume. This book fulfills the demands of the students and serves as a handy reference guide to the practitioners. Considering the requirements of homeopathy in surgical conditions, the topics have been selected and described in proportional details. The topics in this book provide material in a scientific and systematic way as is expected in a book of this kind. wounds, hernia to renal stones etc. with their proper homeopathic management. ? 36 surgical conditions and homeopathic treatment for each of them. ? Some of the conditions covered includes abscess, appendicitis, Bell's Palsy, bile duct and gall bladder, diseases of the bones, diseases of the breast, cataract, cervical spondylosis, diseases of the colon, diseases of the cornea, cystitis, duodenal ulcer, glaucoma, gangrene, goitre, hemorrhoids, hernia, meningitis, nasal polyps, diseases of the prostate, renal stones, toothache, tonsillitis and trauma wounds.

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  3. Cracking Homeopathic Codes in Breast Cancer Cracking Homeopathic Codes in Breast Cancer

    Cracking Homeopathic Codes in Breast Cancer

    Prayas Homeopathy and Cancer Research Foundation (Gujarat) • Treating a Breast Cancer patient with Homeopathy is a tough job as no textbook was yet available. • This book acts as an Atlas which comprises a deeper, concise study of more than 80 Breast Cancer remedies in an innovative manner. • Each drug is presented as if handcrafted. • After studying thousands of research papers to understand pharmacog nosy, toxicity, phytochemistry and molecular behavior of • Cancer remedies, the MateriaMedica presented in this book is integrated and updated with latest scientific findings which was never done before. • This is being compiled from different homeopathic source books after thorough study and only the most noteworthy symptoms are picked up. • A unique compilation of such kind directs a physician to treat Breast Cancer patients in an easier way and will surely bring a new paradigm in Homeopathic Oncology. DrSunirmal Sarkar is Renowned and Busiest Homeopathic practitioner from West Bengal. He holds 40 years of clinical experience with mastery in cancer cases. His innovative thinking, tremendous knowledge, art of clinical application and success ratio in clinical practice are the source of inspiration for homeopaths across the globe. DrShruti Shah, a very promising Homeopath, practising in Gujarat since 18 years. With her innovative ideas, she is doing a scientific work on role of Homeopathy in Cancer. A Researcher in herself, she has a very unique way of understanding remedies Learn More

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