The term Allied is defined as two or more things that are similar or related to each other. This section includes books on all subjects related to medicine except homoeopathy.

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  1. Dietetic Restrictions & Recommendations in Homoeopathy Dietetic Restrictions & Recommendations in Homoeopathy

    Dietetic Restrictions & Recommendations in Homoeopathy

    An effective management of a patient, to ensure his recovery to health, is almost as important as administration of a similar medicine. All physicians would agree to the fact that an improper management in a particular case may result in slow recovery of the patient or worse, the patient s death. One case acquire the knowledge of management of disease from any of the existing classical text-books on practice of Medicine. A homeopathic physician, however, besides this, is much more interested in the management of a sick person on an individualised basis. This is due to the fact that he knows "a man is more important than his parts". Learn More

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  2. A Guide to Human Anatomy A Guide to Human Anatomy

    A Guide to Human Anatomy

    This book includes contents: Head, Face and Neck, Axila and Upper Limb, Thorax, Abdomen, Lower Limbs, Perineum & Pelvis and General. Learn More

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  3. Guide to Gynaecology Guide to Gynaecology

    Guide to Gynaecology

    A useful book meant especially for undergraduates & graduates for quick revision in their preperation & refreshing of the subject of gynaecology with homeopathic therapeutics of the various conditions this treatise is meant mainly for undergraduates for preparing and refreshing the subject for examination and will serve its maximum utility if the subject has been previously referred from some standard text book. The subject matter has been presented in a question and answer format for quick revision. answers to the questions are very precise and given point wise. useful diagrams have been included at the back for a better grasp of the subject.

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  4. Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy

    Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy

    Homeopathy is a science which is based on totality of symptoms for bringing about a complete cure.

    Learn More

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  5. Community Medicine: Preventive & Social Medicine (Q and A) Community Medicine: Preventive & Social Medicine (Q and A)

    Community Medicine: Preventive & Social Medicine (Q and A)

    A Comprehensive, unique books written on model Q. papers of important universities, boards and councils...

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  6. Textbook of Community Medicine Textbook of Community Medicine

    Textbook of Community Medicine

    This Is completely rewritten, thoroughly revised and updated edition of the successful textbook, greatly acclaimed for its contents, coverage and treatment of the subject. The book aptly describes the basic principles and concepts of community medicine I preventive and social medicine and attempts to develop epidemiological thinking, critical analysis and positive atHtude towards the discipline of preventive and social medicine. It makes use of real-life field situations of health care delivery system to explain the varied aspects of epidemiology, health management, national health programs, reproductive and child health, environmental and occupational health. Case study/caselet methods have been deliberately attempted to relate live field experiences with the text to enrich and facilitate learning the concepts and application of social sciences, behavioural sciences, organizational behaviour, community diagnosis and behaviour change communication and health counselling.

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  7. Human Anatomy VOLUME 2 Human Anatomy VOLUME 2

    Human Anatomy VOLUME 2

    Widely acclaimed as a standard text in view of its simple language, comprehensive coverage and attractive presentation, BD Chaurasia's Human Anatomy remains an ideal and the most preferred textbook in India and abroad. The seventh edition of the book has been rewritten, thoroughly revised and updated, to make it still more student-friendly. The seventh edition now features : Newly drawn diagrams, redesigned on the basis of reader–teacher perceptions, in vivid colours, imposing dimensions, with clarity of depiction, using fresh labeling, Enhanced and well illustrated clinical anatomy given along with each concerned topic to increase the book’s utility to the student during the clinical years, Volume 3 presents reinforced material on Head and Neck, Volume 4 now highlights Brain and Neuroanatomy. A CD containing respective videos on osteology and soft parts for better orientation of these topics and FAQs with answers and diagrams for proper preparation for the examinations, accompanies each volume. Many new chapters added to lend flavour to learning anatomy with enhanced interest. Salient features of the four volumes: Profusely illustrated to enhance the clinical importance of osteology, Steps of dissection clearly delineated to enhance practical aspects; fresh figures on dissection have been redrawn to impart both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students, The attachments, nerve supply and actions of the muscles are shown in boxes. Testing of a group of muscles is shown with the help of diagrams, The text is supplemented with a number of easily reproducible colour diagrams providing a photogenic memory to the reader, To complete the various facets of anatomy, histology and development of various organs have been added. Fresh radiographs, ultrasound scans and CT scans have been added to initiate the readers into the realm of radiology and imaging, At the end of each section, appendix containing full courses of the spinal nerves, cranial nerves, autonomic ganglia, clinical terms and tables on arteries have been given, Clinicoanatomical problems have been given to prepare the readers for their future clinical years, Multiple choice questions (MCQs) have been reinforced to test the knowledge and skills acquired.

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  8. Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM)

    Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM)

    All the chapters have been exhaustively revised, updated and few thoroughly rewritten. New topics on Imaging Techniques in Gynecology (Chapter 10) and Psychosexual Issues and Female Sexuality (Chapter 34) have been incorporated. Pelvic Organ Prolapse (Chapter 16) has been rewritten, based on the latest concept of pelvic anatomy and the new concepts of repair. Premalignant Lesions (Chapter 23) and Genital Malignancy (Chapter 24) have been exhaustively updated, based upon the current knowledge and recommendation. Operative Gynecology (Chapter 35) is meant to provide the basic principles of commonly performed gynecological surgery so as to guide an apprentice. More emphasis has been given on case selection (indication), principal steps of operation and complications. The chapter on Endoscopic Surgery in Gynecology (Laparoscopic, Robotic and Hysteroscopic) (Chapter 36) has been rewritten as it has gained much popularity in critical practice these days. 
    Practical Gynecology (Chapter 38) contains a huge number of high-quality photographs and plates of imaging studies. Hundreds of examination-oriented questions along with their answers and explanations are presented. This chapter is designed to help the students in their preparation for the clinical and viva-voce part of the examination. The self-assessment questionnaire having an objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) format is to improve the clinical competence of the students. The total information given in Chapter 38, amounts to a ‘mini-textbook-cum-color atlas’ of gynecology. 
    The edition has been made more user-friendly in terms of updated text matters, graphics, design and use of different color codes. Color codes help to highlight the core knowledge (must-know area). This book provides profuse illustrations, high-quality photographs, anatomical drawing and imaging studies. This textbook has been enriched with tables, diagrams, boxes, charts and algorithms, which could be studied and reproduced easily. Key points at the end of each chapter are for quick and easy revision. The state-of-the-art in this book lies in the presentation, which is simple, lucid, clear and concise.

    Key Features

    • Presentation is simple, lucid and concise 

    • Core knowledge (must-know area) has been highlighted 

    • Enriched with numerous flowcharts, tables, boxes, sketches and drawings 

    • Consistent and uniform standard of information in all the chapters 

    • Information is up-to-date and evidence-based 

    • Key points at the end of each chapter and algorithms for easy and quick revision 

    • Practical Gynecology (Chapter 38) with high-quality colored illustrations and self-assessment questionnaire for the development of clinical and practical competence 

    • Different color codes for the readers’ convenience quick reference 

    • Profusely illustrated with good-quality colored diagrams and photographs for ease of understanding and reproduction 

    • An authoritative and comprehensive textbook with guidelines and recommendations of professional and academic organizations.


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    A reference to repertories is the first-ever complete treatise on the evolution and use of Homoeopathic Repertories and is useful for both undergraduates as well as post graduate students. It includes Evolution & Structure of 50+ repertories, Authentic & duly verified facts, Card & Clinical repertories (with illustrations), Chards for easy comparison, Short notes on important topics, Important questions for examinations, etc. Learn More

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