Repertory is a term used to describe ‘a treasure’ or ‘a book’ in which we can search for anything. ‘Homoeopathic repertory’, is an index of symptoms, listed after each symptom are the remedies that are associated with it. Repertories are often very extensive and may include data extracted from multiple sources of materia medica. It is defined as ‘a systematically and logically arranged index to the homoeopathic materia medica, full of information collected from toxicology during proving and clinical experience’. It is a connecting link between materia medica and disease.

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    This newest edition adds more than 300,000 remedy occurences and over 115 completely new remedies to the Synthesis 8.

    Some highlights of the book are :

    1. Integrating the major Repertory work of Bonnighausen and Boger (448.000 author refernces)
    2. full integration of separate repertories such as Boericke and Phatak
    3. Vastly increased new information (115 new remedies, includes many recent provings and 473 remedies with more than 50% new information)
    4. Standardized and simplified repertory structure
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  2. Logic of Repertories Logic of Repertories

    Logic of Repertories

    'In preparing this book the aim has been to satisfy the needs of the students, teachers, and examiners of the Homeopathic Medical Colleges and the practitioners as well.' When you have prescribed one, two, three remedies, especally in acute cases, but of course also in chronic cases, without results, I beg you, stop, do not continue. This is the moment to give the placebo, which you should have done at the beginning to good effect. Applying this rule is much more difficult than just 'doing something' by given a badly chosen remedy of which you are not sure and which does not correspond to the essential symptoms of the case, either because you do not know the remedy, or because you do not know the patient's essential symptoms. Patiently await the development of symptoms, like a hunter stalking his prey and waiting until it is properly visible to fire the shot which will kill it. Learn how to wait and observe and don't lose your head. Learn More

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  3. Repertorization Repertorization


    This book is a gift for all the students of homeopathy as it serves as a reference guide to get a complete picture of the method of repertorisation and its utilization. This book is an excellent work for the students of homeopathy who want to learn the art of case taking then selecting the simillimum with the aid of a repertory. The author writes about the steps to approach the patient and the prescriptions are blended perfectly with the principles of the Organon of Medicine. . Classification of symptoms and their importance in case taking . Knowledge about correct prescription . Importance of different types of repertories in homeopathic practice . Cases illustrating methods of repertorization Learn More

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