Repertory is a term used to describe ‘a treasure’ or ‘a book’ in which we can search for anything. ‘Homoeopathic repertory’, is an index of symptoms, listed after each symptom are the remedies that are associated with it. Repertories are often very extensive and may include data extracted from multiple sources of materia medica. It is defined as ‘a systematically and logically arranged index to the homoeopathic materia medica, full of information collected from toxicology during proving and clinical experience’. It is a connecting link between materia medica and disease.

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  1. Repertorization Repertorization


    This book is a gift for all the students of homeopathy as it serves as a reference guide to get a complete picture of the method of repertorisation and its utilization. This book is an excellent work for the students of homeopathy who want to learn the art of case taking then selecting the simillimum with the aid of a repertory. The author writes about the steps to approach the patient and the prescriptions are blended perfectly with the principles of the Organon of Medicine. . Classification of symptoms and their importance in case taking . Knowledge about correct prescription . Importance of different types of repertories in homeopathic practice . Cases illustrating methods of repertorization Learn More

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  2. Farmacopea Homeopatica Mexicana Farmacopea Homeopatica Mexicana

    Farmacopea Homeopatica Mexicana

    The repertory that incorporates 11,368 additions and corrections in Kent’s 2nd edition, as well as 333 hand-written additions of Kent making it more accurate, complete and accessible. A chapter of Veterinary information, symptoms, remedies and a list of veterinary concepts have been inserted. It is built with strict criteria of No theoretical approaches, No dream or meditation provings and No information that is not yet confirmed in the clinic. The rubrics follow a clearly readable symptom format and clinical rubrics are renamed according to modern nomenclature. Thousands of cross references & synonyms are added in the mind section. Author references are given separately in CD. It is the most complete repertory till date.

    Learn More

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    'Dr G Nagendra Babu, my able student's book will be useful to undergraduate and post graduate students, practitioners and teachers at all academic and professional levels.This book elucidates the scientific and artistic aspects of the subject Organon. I extend my blessings and wish him great success in his future endeavours in all spheres of his career. Let omnipotent almighty bestow on him success and prosperity.' - Dr Bhasme, Arun 'The author has covered every topic of the subject which represents the comprehensive study related to the subject. It will definitely be useful for post graduate and undergraduate students and can be prescribed as a text book by universities.' - Dr Desarda, S.M. 'I consider it a great privilege and pleasure to recommend "Comprehensive Study of Organon" by Dr G Nagendra Babu to all students and practitioners of Homeopathy who will be amply rewarded for the time they will devote to study the book'. - Dr Dhawale, K.M 'I am very much happy to comment on the book on "Comprehensive Study of Organon" authored by Dr G Nagendra Babu. This book proves his excellence in academics. This book will be testimony to his experience and clearly justifies his efforts and his untiring efforts and his versatility. I extend my blessings and wish him great success in his future endeavours.' - Dr Prakasham, M. Joshi 'I feel immensely happy to introduce the book "Comprehensive Study of Organon" to the homeopathic fraternity, both to the teaching and professional groups. Overall a simplified comprehensive attempt is made by the author. I believe the students and teachers would welcome the book. I wish all the best to the young author and look forward to further editions of this book in near future.' - Dr Singh, Subhash Learn More

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  4. What We Must Not Do in Homoeopathy What We Must Not Do in Homoeopathy

    What We Must Not Do in Homoeopathy

    The book beautifully points out the fallacies of a haphazard prescription and firmly stresses on the understanding of the disease phenomenon and action of the remedy for a successful cure. Written in simple terms it emphasizes vital aspects of remedy selection, dosage, repetition and how to ascertain medicinal aggravation, importance of medicine has been given which helps in second prescription. This book can easily fit into any standard homeopathic library. Learn More

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  5. 50 Millesimal Potency in Theory & Practice 50 Millesimal Potency in Theory & Practice

    50 Millesimal Potency in Theory & Practice

    '...The book gives a total understanding of 50 millesimal potency, right from its concept, through the made of its preparation and its application. As an extra reading on the subject, the book is worth having.' -The Hahnemannian Gleanings '...Dr Choudhury has brought out well the principles, practice and advantages of 50 millesimal potency ...Also quotes from fifth and sixth edition of the Organon regarding advantages of 50 millesimal potency. Secondly, the mode of administration where a lot of controversy exists today is meticulously unraveled. He says that the original method of Hahnemann is still the safest and surest one. The author guides the beginner as to how to avoid the medicinal aggravation of 50 millesimal potencies which some of our colleagues claim.' Learn More

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