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Brief History of the Founder & Discovery of the System of Homoeopathy

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This is the first book in the world in encyclopaedic format on Organon; 1000+ entries have been discussed alphabetically; 1500+ cross references have been accessed; All the entries are detailed in very language, expression and even letterings of Organon with precise references to aphorisms, footnotes and paragraphs; Topics on Organon like Physician, Symptoms, Vital Force, Causes of Diseases, Allopathy, Antipathy, Isopathy, Proving of Drugs, Case Taking, One Sided Diseases, Mental Diseases, Dose and many more are discussed exhaustively; Topics on Philosophy available in Organon like Observations, Second Prescription, Evaluation of Symptoms, Limitations of Homeopathy, Susceptibility, Palliation and Suppression etc. are discussed elaborately; Topics on Miasms like Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis, etc. are discussed thoroughly; All the References given in the Organon to different Authorities (90 in number) are rendered alphabetically in a separate chapter where names of the reference books and quotations are discussed and wherever needed are translated; Names and use of homeopathic medicines detailed in Organon; All the Non-English Text (German, Latin, Greek etc.) in the Title, Preface, Introduction, Aphorisms and Footnotes of Organon have been tabulated in a separate chapter and got translated; All the important relevant words in Dudgeon's Appendix have been given the encyclopaedic format and the evolutionary development of numerous texts is now readily available; Part II deals with a comparative and critical study of fifth & sixth editions of Organon.
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