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    The Therapeutic Pocket Book (For Homeopathic Physicians, to be Used at the Bedside of the Patient, and in Studying the Materia Medica Pura) by Clemens von Boenninghausen, was first published in 1846. T. F. Allen's translation came out in 1891. 
    This opus is the quintessential Boenninghausen, presenting his ideas in their most effective manner. He used 5 grades to differentiate symptoms in this repertory, from 'doubtful' to 'proving symptoms repeatedly verified'. Though extensively used by some of our most gifted practitioners-Lippe, Case, etc., others such as Kent disparaged its value. 
    In his Preface Boenninghausen says, "There is no doubt that a diligent and comprehensive study of the pure materia medica cannot be thoroughly accomplished by the use of any repertory whatever." 
    At the same time he recognized the need for a reference that contained the characteristic symptoms. Thus permitting the busy practitioner to select from the remedies generally indicated the one most homeopathically suitable, without too great a loss of time. 
    He felt that other repertories were incomplete due to the listing of partially complete symptoms. Body parts listed without sensation, omitted aggravations and ameliorations, the absence of concomitants, etc. Boenninghausen felt that the older repertories scattered symptoms among different rubrics making the comprehension of the totality difficult. 
    To remedy these identified defects he gathers together all the affected localities, all the sensations, all the aggravations and ameliorations, all the concomitants, each fitting into its own place in the case. This process creates the totality of the symptom ultimately ending with the selection of the appropriate remedy.

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  2. Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

    Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

    As there was a demand for discovering a device which can serve as an index to the ever enlarging Materia Medica, Dr Boenninghausen picked up the gauntlet. He published Therapeutic Pocket Book in 1846, wherein he incorporated information from his rich clinical experience and his earlier works 'Repertory of Anti-psoric Medicines', 'Repertory of the Medicines which are not Anti-psoric and 'Attempt at Showing the Relative Kinship of Homoeopathic Medicines'. This repertory is useful in cases which have complete symptoms, prominent sensation and modalities, prominent concomitants and cases where general symptoms are lacking. Relationship of remedies are available in the last chapter. It has 5 grade system to evaluate the symptoms. This book was written originally in German. This translation had been edited by Allen & is considered to be the most valuable edition. Allen rearranged this book and also added 220 remedies. * An invaluable bedside reference used by Master Hahnemann himself, frequently preferred over other works. * Systematic with detailed information on various locations, sensations, modalities and relationship of remedies * The work that paved the way for all the future repertories Learn More

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  3. Handbook of Materia Medica & Homoeopathic Therapeutics Handbook of Materia Medica & Homoeopathic Therapeutics

    Handbook of Materia Medica & Homoeopathic Therapeutics

    Primarily derived from T.F. Allens Encyclopedia and his clinical notes it offers great value in a library of limited space. Hahnemanns schema is followed and is interspersed with clinical notes. . A full collection of all provings have also been included.

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