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    The knowledge of bacteriology is never the less important to become a complete homeopathic physician as it is important for the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention of diseases and general management of a case. Similarly, pathology gives us the knowledge for diseases determination, prognosis, discrimination between symptoms of the patient and the disease and for adjusting the dose and potency of indicated homeopathic remedy. Learn More

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  2. Community Medicine: Preventive & Social Medicine (Q and A) Community Medicine: Preventive & Social Medicine (Q and A)
  3. Just Spells Just Spells

    Just Spells

    The Book covers different spells which can help attract romance, boost compatibility, ensure a sense of wellbeing, resolve conflicts at home and even help to become a people-magnet, as the popularity level soars. Whether an indivisual needs to get the office propelled with positive Chi or is hitting at having harmonious relation with his/her family or a loved one. The book offers simple suggested solutions which include meditation in the "Aura" of some specifically colored candles and more. Learn More

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  4. Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A) Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A)

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