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  1. Filosofia Homeopatica Filosofia Homeopatica

    Filosofia Homeopatica

    Lesser Writings by Dr. J.T. Kent was first published in 1926. This collection contains 29 remedies, many clinical cases, writings from letters, published articles and lectures of Dr. Kent. He has described new remedies like : Aurum salts- arsenicum; iodatum; and sulphuratum, Calendula officinalis, Wyethia helenoides, and a proving of Cenchris contortrix. Among the lectures topics covered are the homeopathic treatment of cancer, how to study and use the repertory, and an exposition on his use of the potency series, 30, 200, 1M, 10M. Over 100 case vignettes are included from the treatment of acute mania to the cure of infantile paralysis. The clinical cases published in this book are those from Dr. Kent’s practice. All are considered of great value to the student of Homeopathy. However, this work presents a grand opportunity to observe how Kent practiced- how he studied remedies, what symptoms he paid attention to, why he used certain potencies. This entire collection is only a part of Dr. Kent’s writings and were selected from various libraries after considerable efforts & are considered the best results of his pen.

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  2. El Uso Del Repertorio El Uso Del Repertorio

    El Uso Del Repertorio

    This book is unique in itself being a compilation of short notes on various topics found useful in everyday’s practice prepared by the author for easy reference. It covers miscellaneous topics ranging from anatomy to medicine to homoeopathic prescripition.

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  3. Materia Medica Homeopatica Materia Medica Homeopatica

    Materia Medica Homeopatica

    Aunque estos dos tomos fueron escritos en l911 por el Dr. Kent, reúne los principales medicamentos que se siguen utilizando. El Dr. Kent, es considerado como uno de los grandes maestros de la homeopatía, y que expresa en su obra, sus conocimientos clínicos y su gran experiencia. En cada medicamento hace resaltar los aspectos mentales y lo más importante de cada uno de ellos. Además, son muy útiles sus comparaciones entre los medicamentos. Es una obra en la que obtenemos muchas enseñanzas y que no debe faltar como Materia Médica de consulta.

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