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  1. Homeopathy  Psychology Homeopathy  Psychology

    Homeopathy Psychology

    In this book the author presents his own of the personality profiles of 35 major homeopathic remedies, the sole result of the author's clinical experience. These remedy pictures differ from the classical presentations. Bailey has included information about mental behaviors, internal conflicts, emotional tendencies, spiritual concerns and physical appearances. He has also given the male to female ratio for each constitutional type. 'Dr Philip Bailey's penetrating discussion of thirty-five different remedies carries the stamp of clinical authority and scholarship. His introductory chapter provides a number of clinical pearls with regard to history taking. The book offers elemental analysis of constitutional types showing how homeopathy and other medical systems may one day be linked. Homeopathic Psychology is an important addition to the dialogue between homeopathy and psychiatry.' - Jonathan Davidson 'This book gives insight into the basic nature of many important remedies. It is well-written and accurate. I recommend it to every student and practitioner of homeopathy.' - Roger Morrison 'Homeopathic psychology futhers our understanding of the psychology of the major homeopathic remedies. Dr Bailey well explains our existing knowledge of the remedies and broadens our understanding of them, providing numerous highly original observations. His descriptions of the psychogeness and psychodynamics of the remedies is engrossing. Homeopathic psychology is a pleasure to read and has enhanced my familiarity with the materia medica,' - George Guess Learn More

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  2. The Best of Burnett The Best of Burnett

    The Best of Burnett

    Burnett`s works are one of the Classical Texts of Homeopathy which are and will always remain as a source of authentic Homeopathic literature. The reason of bringing out this volume was to make all these works available at one platform for the readers. This makes the work more affordable and approachable. This Pain staking task of compilation was done by Late Dr H.L. Chitkara who did a Research on all the facts and data available before starting this work. It is his untiring efforts which have brought out this marvellous book. The short write up on the factual details of Dr Burnett`s life presented here is a worth read. The index and indices to sub-enteries have been made after a much thorough processing to make this Book in the most user friendly format. Contents Preface James Compton Burnett (1840-1901) List of Burnett`s Books Thus Spake Burnett Burnett and Hahnemann I. INDICES TO SUB-ENTRIES : Part I Part II Part III Reference Code II. THE MAIN TEXT : Part I : Observations : General and Clinical Part II : Materia Medica Notes and Therapeutics Part III : Case Reports 

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    The first edition of this book, published in 1967, was a masterpiece of clarity with respect to the basic concepts and principles of Homoeopathy. Although the format and presentation have seen many changes in the subsequent editions, the author's original vision and objectives remain.This fourth edition, the first International edition, has been completely updated and revised. New information has been added with respect to the 'Study of Homoeopathic therapeutics' including Angina Pectoris, Myocardial Ischaemia, Haemorrhoids, etc and 'How to study Homoeopathic Materia Medica' with reference to Phosphorus and Mercury.

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    The book has been compiled with immense information about each drug arranged in a fashion so as to make it easy, accessible and comprehensible at the same time. This is a complete textbook of Materia Medica for students and a reference book for practitioners. Learn More

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  5. Logic of Repertories Logic of Repertories

    Logic of Repertories

    'In preparing this book the aim has been to satisfy the needs of the students, teachers, and examiners of the Homeopathic Medical Colleges and the practitioners as well.' When you have prescribed one, two, three remedies, especally in acute cases, but of course also in chronic cases, without results, I beg you, stop, do not continue. This is the moment to give the placebo, which you should have done at the beginning to good effect. Applying this rule is much more difficult than just 'doing something' by given a badly chosen remedy of which you are not sure and which does not correspond to the essential symptoms of the case, either because you do not know the remedy, or because you do not know the patient's essential symptoms. Patiently await the development of symptoms, like a hunter stalking his prey and waiting until it is properly visible to fire the shot which will kill it. Learn how to wait and observe and don't lose your head. Learn More

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  6. Facial Analysis and Homeopathy Facial Analysis and Homeopathy

    Facial Analysis and Homeopathy

    Facial Analysis and Homeopathy contains a step by step guide to learning how to analyse facial features with patient photos,teaching sketches and charts. It includes the major polychrest remedies and their miasmatic allocation via the HFA method. Being able to observe the dominant miasm of the patient using a clinically trialled and reproductible system is an indispensable tool for the homeopathic practitioner leading to more accurate prescribing and deep acting remedies. This book contains the history and development of the HFA method and teaching tools to aid the Homeopath in learning and utilising these concepts. Facial feature identification can be incorporated into any classical Hahnemann's case-taking method. By the end of his life Hahnemann regarded himself as a miasmatic prescriber and made a clear distinction between miasmatic and symptom prescribing only. The further he examined the miasm theory, the more convinced he became that miasms are the key to understand chronic disease and unlocking a case. Facial Analysis and Homeopathy is an extension of Hahnemann's and other homeopaths such as JH Allen and HA Roberts work. Learn More

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    This book unfolds a segment of the undiscovered area of homeopathy , clarify on how homeopathic medicines behave under various circumstances , threby giving a specific direction on good prescribing. It compiles the scattered work into one place helping us to select the dose and the potency and become a mster in the magical science of homeopathy.The effects of various prescriptions are described specifically on hypersensitive and weak patients, and specifically for psoric constitutions. It also gives an insight into what all can happen if there is a wrong homoeopathic prescription.

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  8. Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit

    Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit

    This book is being offered to the general public with the honest intention of guiding the layman in the homeopathic self-treatment with Homeopathy. Indications of remedies in this book, are based on tips given by past & present stalwarts of homeopathy. In addition, text from various authentic source books is collected & incorporated in this book. For easy handling, phials in Homeopathic Kit are labeled from 1-40, & corresponding number of phial is placed in bracket along with name & indications in the book. Learn More

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    The book imports the experience and knowledge of a respected homeopath, who has discovered, through years of practice, a variety of methods to improve one's case taking skills and strengthen the relationship with one's patients. It shares valuable information on how each and every one of us can progress in our unique way and continually improve. After all homeopathy is all about individuality. Learn More

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  10. Various Stages of Remedies Various Stages of Remedies

    Various Stages of Remedies

    This book is an effort to bring live descriptions of cases in seminars worldwide to all our readers and make them aware of the miracles these masters have done with homeopathy. With a keen inclination towards understanding the depth of homeopathy this collection of seminars will definitely be a guiding light and open the aspects of practical edges of classical homeopathy. All the video cases have been included with explanations on essence of case taking, management and prescription.

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