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  1. Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World

    Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World

    This book is the outcome of years of experience of Dr S.K. Banerjea who has mastered the understanding of homeopathic literature. It highlights six methodologies which will enable the prescriber to reach the simillimum efficiently and quickly. These include emphasis on aetiologies; totality of physical symptoms; emotional symptoms; behaviour, gesture, posture hobbies; miasmatic totality and homeopathic generalities. This approach towards prescribing is scientific, classical, practical, time tested and repeatedly verified which has been practiced for centuries by Master homeopaths including Drs Kent, Hering, Lippe, Tyler, Nash, etc. The hexagonal representation in the book will enable the prescriber to understand the keywords of the medicine on which major emphasis should be given for prescribing. This book will serve the needs of both students and practitioners.

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    Miasmatic Prescribing is an enlarged edition of the book Miasmatic Diagnosis which is a bestseller book on miasms by Dr S.K. Banerjea. Author has revised and added many new chapters to the Miasmatic Diagnosis book from his further experience of more than 26 years of clinical practice and brought out this new version by the name of Miasmatic Prescribing. This book is written over a period of fifteen years and supported by clinical experience. This is the most complete book on Miasms with new sections and ideas. The book contains 9 parts: Part I- Philosophy and Utility of Miasm Part II- Miasmatic Diagnostic Classification Part III- Miasmatic Ancestral Tips Part Iv- Miasmatic Ancestral Trip Part V- Miasmatic Repertory PartVI- Miasmatic Weightage of Medicines PartVII- Modern Classical Prescribing - Practical Approach PartVIII- Miasmatic Interpretation in Prescribing - Case Illustration PartIX- Look and Diagnose the Miasm Discussion on: . Miasmatic Philosophy: Why should we know Miasm for everyday practice . Miasmatic Repertory . Look and diagnose the miasm . Cases illustrated for miasmatic prescribing . Layers of miasmatic states . Miasmatic diagnosis of clinical classifications . Miasmatic weightage of medicines Learn More

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