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  1. Lesser Writings with Therapeutic Hints Lesser Writings with Therapeutic Hints

    Lesser Writings with Therapeutic Hints

    There are over 40 articles covering all aspects of Homeopathy in this book as well as clinical case notes of 34 different ailments. As amazing array of topics have been covered. Every article is a gem! Possessed of superior analytical powers and the divine gift of a master-spirit, Dr. Farrington used to contribute various articles in Journals on different intricate matters of our system of treatment and the present work is an exhaustive collection of these invaluable articles, collected and arranged with the most painstaking care. This book is a collection of various articles that he contributed to different British and American journals and amply shows his analytical mind and the clarity of understanding that Farrington had for his subject. Many of the articles incorporated herein, it may be safely asserted, will not only be widely read with profit but will also give the readers a correct estimation of the great erudition of its eminent author. Highly recommended to all students of Homeopathy. Learn More

    Cllinical MATERIA MEDICA

    .Over 100 years before the current fascination with plant families, animal remedies, and the Periodic Table, Farrington presented these lectures related to the three kingdoms.The materia medica of the remedies is grouped by families-Arachnidae, Ophidiae, Compositae, Umbelliferae, the Ammoniums, etc. Learn More
  4. Comparative Materia Medica Comparative Materia Medica

    Comparative Materia Medica

    In order to master the art of prescription one should not only learn materia medica but should also be able to differentiate between remedies. Comparative Materia Medica is one of the finer ways of understanding the distinct nature of each remedy and it also a step towards reducing the probability of error in our prescriptions. This work is one of the classical works on comparison of drugs for their action on various organs and conditions. This book has comparisons at various levels; begining with the differentiation of remedies for various conditions, comparisons of remedies which usually come up together for various clinical conditions, comparisons of remedies of the same stock where different remedies of same group have been discussed and the comparison of allied remedies. The last chapter on therapeutic hints is beneficial for bed-side reference. Its's a worth read and like preparing for a sure shot prescription Learn More
  5. Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica

    Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica

    The book is a compilation of the various lectures delivered by Dr. Farrington & emphasizes drug study according to their familial classification. Drugs are described in a lecture format. The remedies of the same family are described in a way that it also serves as a comparative Materia Medica .A highly acclaimed work on the symptomatology of the homoeopathic remedies, this one is hard to resist.

    Learn More

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