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  1. Combating Arthritis Combating Arthritis

    Combating Arthritis

    Neck pain is one of the commonest problems one encounters in life.
    In Homoeopathy, the treatment is aimed for the suffering constitution who is prone to develop such a degeneration than for the actual degeneration itself, the reason being many times patients with X-ray changes of cervical degeneration may be quite asymptomatic and then suddenly one fine day they may develop symptoms of mild to moderate or severe form. Also it has been observed that often symptoms disappear after indicated homoeopathic remedy is given but the changes in the cervical spine persist.

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  2. B.Jains BHMS Solved Papers on Repertory B.Jains BHMS Solved Papers on Repertory

    B.Jains BHMS Solved Papers on Repertory

    B. Jain's BHMS Solved Papers on Repertory is a book for quick revision. The questions asked from previous years of examination have been mentioned along with the year in which they appeared. The topics which come under the subject of repertory are discussed well and to the point as the answers of these questions. The book gives detailed information in question answer formate on the topic like History of Repertory, Case taking, Symptom Analysis and Evaluation, Choice of Repertory, Steps of Repertorization, Kent's Repertory, Boger Boenninghausen's Characteristic and Repertory, Card Reoertories, Repertory in General and last but not the least, Computers in relation to Repertory and Homeopathic Software(s) are talked about. The answers to the questions are to the point and will be of help during that last minute revision of the subject. * The Q/A format is a boon for every student * Crisp discussion on every topic helps the student in quick revision * In accordance with the curriculum laid by the Central Council of Homoeopathy Learn More

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  3. BHMS Student's Guide to Practice of Medicine BHMS Student's Guide to Practice of Medicine

    BHMS Student's Guide to Practice of Medicine

    At the time of examinations a quick revised tool is something every student is looking for. That's certainly not the time one would go back & open all the books which one has read throughout the year. Especially for a vast subject like practice of medicine either one has a complete compilation of notes or a book like this. This Student's Guide to Practice of Medicine is a sure shot way for your quick revision for theory exams. Learn More

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