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  1. Work Smarter Not Harder Work Smarter Not Harder

    Work Smarter Not Harder

    Working too hard? Not getting the fulfilment and rewards you want? Do you want your life to be a work of art, rather than a life of work? With a little guidance from Jack Collis and Michael Leboeuf you can find the perfect balance, it’s simple. Just work smarter, not harder! Completely revised and updated, Work Smarter, Not Harder, is more than just a business book. It is a clear and effective personal strategy that can help you to make the most of and get most out of your life.

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  2. The Ultimate CV for Managers & Professionals The Ultimate CV for Managers & Professionals

    The Ultimate CV for Managers & Professionals

    It can lead you to the job you really want – that desirable, soughtafter post. Today more than ever, a well-written, well-designed CV is essential. Together with your letter it is the only thing a prospective employer will see before he sees you. It’s what stands between you and the lifestyle you deserve! If you’ve set your sights on changing jobs, winning promotion, or regaining employment – this revealing book is indispensable. Learn More
  3. Conflict Management Conflict Management

    Conflict Management

    The books present key skills in a compact form. They contain background information, intercultural tips and self-assessment checklists, as well as recommendations for action according to the topic being covered. Written by authors who are consultants and trainers and who know the demands of international companies, these guides prepare the reader in a short and efficient form for topics he/she is confronted with in everyday work life.

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  4. Communication Skills Book Communication Skills Book

    Communication Skills Book

    Improve your relationships and personal effectiveness by mastering the art of appropriate body language, sexual communication, making contact, assertiveness, negotiation, public speaking, self-disclosure, active listening and influencing others.

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  5. Make Marketing Work for You Make Marketing Work for You

    Make Marketing Work for You

    How do you actually set about selling something? Which methods work best? And how do you stay ahead of the competition? Use this book to understand marketing concepts, decide on methods of promotion and adopt the right distribution systems. Compile realistic sales forecasts, establish budgets and review performance. In short, discover how to make marketing work for you.

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    The present volume is a welcome addition in the field of sales and marketing with expert tips on professional and successful sales practice. Various important aspects of knowledge pertaining to ideal customer care servicing, benefits of team work, customer understanding, retail culture and appropriate training have been beautifully described in an analytical way. With a writing style so simple and elegantly presented, the rich content matter thoroughly makes for an interesting read. For all those who really want to succeed at sales… This book is all about how to be a great sales person and work towards bigger goals.

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  7. Easy Money Easy Money

    Easy Money

    This simple and very readable treatise warns everyone tempted to try to make a million that it is not as easy as the late 1990's may have led people to believe. Many more books will be written and published on this alluring phenomenon, but Easy Money will remain one of the good ones. If nothing else, it could save you an awful lot of money. Easy Money should be a compulsory read for any investor. Learn More
  8. Make Success Your Friend Make Success Your Friend

    Make Success Your Friend

    To succeed in life you need advice, tutoring and inspiration, and there is nothing better than to receive these tips from one who knows success. Tim Sole has extensive organisational and business experience and now he happily shares his wisdom, knowledge and insights. This collection of concise pieces illustrates the meaning of success and offers a plethora of suggestions for making your life more successful. Written in a light and often humorous style the collection provides some thought-provoking ideas on everything from goal setting and personal financial planning to health issues and basic life skills. Learn More
  9. The Great Sales Book The Great Sales Book

    The Great Sales Book

    Don't despair! This exciting Australian book gives you all the practical help and advice you need to maximize your full selling potential. Offers useful, tried-and tested and advices as how to increase your sales productivity. • Not getting all the sales figures you need to make budget? • Feel as though everyone is slamming the door on your face? • Running out of new and innovative ideas for presenting yourself and your product? Learn More
  10. The Achievers The Achievers

    The Achievers

    This book aims to serve as a catalyst in shaping and directing your positive energies and competencies. leadership & selffulfilment. It is easy to read, practical and based on natural laws of wisdom that inspire you to go to higher level of purpose and commitment.

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