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  1. Combined Medical Services UPSC Entrance Examination Combined Medical Services UPSC Entrance Examination

    Combined Medical Services UPSC Entrance Examination

    The contents of this book are not designed to provide the reader with an opportunity to escape from learning basic information that can only be obtained from textbooks. The book is written with the aims: firstly, to make the reader aware about the type of questions asked in Combined Medical Services Examination (Conducted by UPSC) and secondly, the detect the areas of weakness in his understanding of text and lastly, to improve his skills with multiple choice system of examination. The present book consists of Sections on Details of Examinations, Important Guidelines (how to prepare for theory and viva-voce); Original Solved Papers (1981 onwards) with Detailed Explanations of Combined Medical Services Examination. This book is also useful for Civil Services Examination (Prelims-Medical)

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  2. Torako's Newsletters Torako's Newsletters

    Torako's Newsletters

    Homoeopathic Philosophy.An esoteric book for living life truly.Torako's Newsletters have been issued since the spring of 1998 and consists of spiritual essays, which mainly focus on homoeopathic philosophy. The secretes of regaining yourself. Are you really living yourself?Torako's spiritual essay which gets to your heart.

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  3. Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM)

    Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM)

    All the chapters have been exhaustively revised, updated and few thoroughly rewritten. New topics on Imaging Techniques in Gynecology (Chapter 10) and Psychosexual Issues and Female Sexuality (Chapter 34) have been incorporated. Pelvic Organ Prolapse (Chapter 16) has been rewritten, based on the latest concept of pelvic anatomy and the new concepts of repair. Premalignant Lesions (Chapter 23) and Genital Malignancy (Chapter 24) have been exhaustively updated, based upon the current knowledge and recommendation. Operative Gynecology (Chapter 35) is meant to provide the basic principles of commonly performed gynecological surgery so as to guide an apprentice. More emphasis has been given on case selection (indication), principal steps of operation and complications. The chapter on Endoscopic Surgery in Gynecology (Laparoscopic, Robotic and Hysteroscopic) (Chapter 36) has been rewritten as it has gained much popularity in critical practice these days. 
    Practical Gynecology (Chapter 38) contains a huge number of high-quality photographs and plates of imaging studies. Hundreds of examination-oriented questions along with their answers and explanations are presented. This chapter is designed to help the students in their preparation for the clinical and viva-voce part of the examination. The self-assessment questionnaire having an objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) format is to improve the clinical competence of the students. The total information given in Chapter 38, amounts to a ‘mini-textbook-cum-color atlas’ of gynecology. 
    The edition has been made more user-friendly in terms of updated text matters, graphics, design and use of different color codes. Color codes help to highlight the core knowledge (must-know area). This book provides profuse illustrations, high-quality photographs, anatomical drawing and imaging studies. This textbook has been enriched with tables, diagrams, boxes, charts and algorithms, which could be studied and reproduced easily. Key points at the end of each chapter are for quick and easy revision. The state-of-the-art in this book lies in the presentation, which is simple, lucid, clear and concise.

    Key Features

    • Presentation is simple, lucid and concise 

    • Core knowledge (must-know area) has been highlighted 

    • Enriched with numerous flowcharts, tables, boxes, sketches and drawings 

    • Consistent and uniform standard of information in all the chapters 

    • Information is up-to-date and evidence-based 

    • Key points at the end of each chapter and algorithms for easy and quick revision 

    • Practical Gynecology (Chapter 38) with high-quality colored illustrations and self-assessment questionnaire for the development of clinical and practical competence 

    • Different color codes for the readers’ convenience quick reference 

    • Profusely illustrated with good-quality colored diagrams and photographs for ease of understanding and reproduction 

    • An authoritative and comprehensive textbook with guidelines and recommendations of professional and academic organizations.


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  4. The Celle Seminars The Celle Seminars

    The Celle Seminars

    The seminars given twice a year in Celle provided such an abundance of instructive cases, demonstrating the practical application of the theoretical basis of homoeopathic work, that it was a must for us to transcribe and publish them. So much invaluable information is given there, that it is not possible even for the participants to integrate everything they hear while attending the seminar. Therefore we are happy to be able to offer the Celle Seminars, in their entirety, to be studied and considered by those who attended the seminars and for all others interested in advanced homeopathy at its best.

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    Methodology leading to the Cure of developmental disorders in Children and Case Records 
    English version of "homeopathic approach to developmental disorders" Table of Contents Preface Introduction Chapter 1: The Culprit for Tormenting Children IS artificial Poison Chapter 2 : Case Records of developmental disorders Chapter 3: Case summary and Analysis Chapter 4: What IS Destroying the Brains of Children? Chapter 5: Homoeopathic perspective on developmental disorders Chapter 6: Vaccination as the core of Iatrogenic disease - the idea of vaccination IS Wrong Chapter 7: Homoeopathy is a light of hope.  A short quote from the Preface:
    All children have great possibility. They grow every day. The speed of growth and improvement of challenged children may be different from that of typical children. Even so, challenged children are also growing every day. They continue to grow even when the parents are dumfounded and worried. Therefore, it is urgent that we give desirable changes to such children, that is, to facilitate discharging poisons from their bodies so that they can regain their natural states. With substantial support, a big progress may be expected. They all need helping hands from the adults and their society. I want you to realize that vaccines create a wide range of damage to health. It is an abysmally fearful situation. I am saying this based on my clinical experience in homoeopathy. 
    It is suspected that vaccination causes autism, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, development retardation, other diseases under developmental disorders, diseases under the name of "chronic fatigue syndrome" and various chronic morbid conditions that cannot be diagnosed at hospitals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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    This is the English version of "homeopathy faith". Homoeopathic Faith !-People of Japan Wake Up Contents Chapter One - Beyond the Denial of God Chapter Two - Beyond the Denial of Our County Chapter Three - Beyond the Denial of Shinto.
    A short quote from the Foreword:
    One day in 1996, after I had returned to Japan from England to seek opportunities for the promotion of homoeopathy in Japan, I received the revelation that "the Gods are lamenting." At that time, I was unable to understand what the message meant, and in the course of my daily activities I quickly forgot about it. However, whilst writing this book my memory of it has returned. Thinking about it now, I feel that it is because we the people of Japan have lost our faith and are therefore incapable of displaying the potential within our own lives, that the Gods have been lamenting.
    My initial motivation for writing this book was the events surrounding the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear incident. I cannot help but think that these two events happened because we Japanese had to learn something important, even though the cost was thirty thousand people's lives and a radiation leak.
    By the way, it is fifteenth year since I received the message referred to in the opening sentence. My wish is that this book will help in even the slightest way, with retrieval of the faith of we Japanese, the love of our country, our racial pride and our self respect. I also wish that it will help for us to retrieve the high spirituality and inwardness, which is the essential nature of the people of Japan. Ultimately I believe this is the true restoration of Japan and an issue with which every one of us has to work on, in order to repay the sacrifice which the people of the Tohoku region have undertaken.
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  7. Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

    Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

    The Seventh Edition retains the prime flavour of Parikh's original book, including his style of writing and expression of facts in a unique style, which made it a popular text and reference in the Indian scenario. The contents have been thoroughly updated in all the areas to help the medical students and also the legal professionals. New and latest material has been added at appropriate places, several old photographs replaced by better visuals, and many new photographs also added in the text. Recent topics like the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, and recent changes in the criminal law in relation to rape, sexual deviations, penetrating sexual assauH and acid attacks have been incorporated. Other topics of current importance like body farming, virtual autopsy, narcoanalysis, hair dye poisoning, newer plant poisons like brasinolide, and khat abuse have been added. Most old photographs have been replaced with new and recent photographs with crisp captions in relation to decomposition, autopsy technique, various injuries, violent asphyxial deaths, snakes and scorpion poisoning. Also discussed are issues like three-parent baby and presumed consent in deceased organ donation. Updated material has been added in the answers to the relevant questions, maintaining the legendary QUESTION-ANSWER format of discussion. The book aims to continue to enjoy its reputation as a reliable text in classrooms and a high-value reference in courtrooms, besides serving as a handy guide for investigating officers in police and investigating agencies, and lawyers. The questions in the book are useful to the defence attorneys while questing the medical witness in cross-examination.

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  8. Your inner child is crying out! Your inner child is crying out!

    Your inner child is crying out!

    Healing the unloved and wounded child by homoeopathy

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  9. Five Teachers Textbook of Gynaecology Five Teachers Textbook of Gynaecology

    Five Teachers Textbook of Gynaecology

    This seventh edition of Textbook of Gynaecology by Rashid Latif Khan has been revised up- to-date text and full-color illustrations. The book has been thoroughly reviewed and revised after consulting various specialists. Even though modernity has been introduced in the text, the core structure of the book retains its original focus on the needs of students, particularly, in helping them during the preparation of their examination. This provides help for the modern examinations like OSCE, TOCAS etc.

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  10. Levels of Health Levels of Health

    Levels of Health

    Levels of Health -The Second Volume of "The Science of Homeopathy" by George Vithoulkas and Erik van Woensel

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