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  1. Human Physiology Illustrated Human Physiology Illustrated

    Human Physiology Illustrated

    Human physiology is the science of the mechanical, physical and biochemical functions of humans in a healthy or normal condition. Thorough knowledge of this subject is essential for every medical student. Not only that, this information is something many people are otherwise also interested to know, so as to understand how the body functions. With these charts and illustrations Human Physiology has been made incredibly easy! This book contains substantial content and is wellformatted with concise information of the functioning of each organ. Also, it is available at a price you would love. This fully coloured atlas of physiology is of great help to anybody who wants to understand the functioning of the human body— common people and doctor alike.

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  2. Homoeopathic Guide Homoeopathic Guide

    Homoeopathic Guide

    Highly informative data for family, group and individuals with or without medical service. Very, valuable to those who, by intelligent action, can save their families thousands of dollars.

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    • In essence, all successful medical treatment relies upon two fundamental premises: the patient's perception of his disorders and, closely related to this, the therapist's rational definition of pathological agents. • To achieve direct, univocal, precise and quick definitions of these permises, no diagnostic method is superior to that evolved by Chinese medicine, consistently applying, as it does, the methods of inductive synthesis, matured in the course of 2000 years of extensive application • The present textbook is the result of four decades of the author's involvement with the topic. It describes these diagnostic methods by means of concepts at the height of present day science. Learn More

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  4. Allergies at Your Fingertips Allergies at Your Fingertips

    Allergies at Your Fingertips

    • A practical handbook answering 312 real questions from people with allergies • 100% accurate and up to date answers from a leading medical expert even to uncomfortable questions • Practical advice on how to manage allergies in day to day life • All the medical terminologies are explained in comprehensive language • Information on how complementary therapies can help your allergy • Tells you exactly what to do in an emergency Learn More

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  5. The Cure for All Diseases The Cure for All Diseases

    The Cure for All Diseases

    The book wonderfully introduces to a new concept in medical science that is, optimum utilisation of bioradiation for the purpose of healing the sick. The various concepts and treatment methods outlined in this book are firmly grounded on exhaustive scientific research and clinical case studies conducted over a period of years and are by no means intended to serve as a replacement or substitute for medical advice or conventional medical treatment. Given in the book is a strikingly new approach towards the treatment of multiple diseases of diverse origin, using selective electrocution to kill the deadliest of pathogens responsible for bringing disharmony in health. A commendable work, worth a read, it opens new doors to a new sensation in therapeutic world. Learn More

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    In The Enzyme Factor, Dr. Hiromi Shinya presents his research, grounded in his 45 years of medical practice in the United States and Japan. This research supports the idea of a miracle enzyme out of which all the enzymes the body needs are produced. He suggests cancer and other diseases occur when this key enzyme is depleted and cannot properly do its job. In this book he clearly shows how what we eat affects that key. Dr. Shinya's science is clearly explained and easy to understand. The suggestions for diet and lifestyle based on this science are simple and easy to follow. Even those who think they know everything about how to eat right will be surprised when they discover what is really healthy.

    This simple health regime has led hundreds of his patients, many suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases, to perfect health.

    Inside The Enzyme Factor you will discover:

    * How to look younger and delay aging
    * How to live strengthen your body's natural defenses.
    * How to become a healthy 100 year old
    * Misconceptions with many dietary trends
    * What your intestinal traits can teach you about your health
    * Why drinking milk will cause osteoporosis
    * How your body will become oxidized if you eat oxidized foods
    * Why eating the meat of animals that have a higher body temperature than humans pollutes the blood
    * The inseparable relationship between the human body and the land
    * How love activates the immune system


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  7. The Power of Thought The Power of Thought

    The Power of Thought

    Thought is not just something subjective in our heads, says early Theosophist, Annie Besant. Thought is power, real, objective power. Moreover, the thoughts we create have a life of their own. They have a kind of material reality that affect other people for good or ill. So, is our responsibility to choose. Teaching us to use the power of thought well, is the purpose of this metaphysical book. Leading contemporary Theosophists have added practical exercises and modernized Besant's language to make her timeless truths accessible for learning. Learn More

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  8. Conquering Childhood Asthma Conquering Childhood Asthma

    Conquering Childhood Asthma

    During the past decade, major scientific advances have occured in our understanding of asthma and associated diseases of the airways such as rhinitis and sinusitis. These developments have been accompanied by new, potent and safe medications and better drug delivery systems. As a result, most children with asthma and similar problems involving the nose, eyes and ears can now have their conditions completely controlled so that they no longer suffer from breathlessness, cough or wheeze. The end result is an improved quality of life for children who no longer need miss school, or recreational activities. Conquering Childhood Asthma will show most asthmatics how to live a healthier and happier life, hardly aware that they have asthma. We hope that parents will enjoy understanding and participating actively with their doctors in the care of their children.

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  9. Asthma at your Fingertips Asthma at your Fingertips

    Asthma at your Fingertips

    Asthma at Your Fingertips gives you straightforward, positive and medically accurate answers to all your questions about asthma. This practical handbook answers 263 real questions asked by people with asthma and their families.

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  10. High Blood Pressure at Your Fingertips High Blood Pressure at Your Fingertips

    High Blood Pressure at Your Fingertips

    • Provides medically accurate answers to 342 questions actually asked by people with high blood pressure • Answer the questions you may feel uneasy about asking your doctor • Provides detail of 50 organisations giving information and support • Offers positive, practical advice on every aspect of your blood pressure Learn More

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