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  1. Age Busters Age Busters

    Age Busters

    • Ridding your home and workplace of toxins and allergens • Exercising the heart-smart way • Using spices to battle disease • Choosing the right supplements for your body • Surviving stress at home and work • Designing a schedule and sticking to it Learn More

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  2. The Pioneer Guide to Family Health The Pioneer Guide to Family Health

    The Pioneer Guide to Family Health

    Whether you are the parent of a sick child, someone wanting to know more about symptoms and when to seek medical help or a person about to undergo a particular test or procedure, The Pioneer Guide to Family Health has the explanations you need. • Designed to provide essential information on the health concerns of people and their families today, this comprehensively illustrated book is divided into four easy-to-use sections. • A-Z of Family health, medical investigation and First Aid Learn More

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  3. Combating Arthritis Combating Arthritis

    Combating Arthritis

    Neck pain is one of the commonest problems one encounters in life.
    In Homoeopathy, the treatment is aimed for the suffering constitution who is prone to develop such a degeneration than for the actual degeneration itself, the reason being many times patients with X-ray changes of cervical degeneration may be quite asymptomatic and then suddenly one fine day they may develop symptoms of mild to moderate or severe form. Also it has been observed that often symptoms disappear after indicated homoeopathic remedy is given but the changes in the cervical spine persist.

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  4. Home Study Course on Bach Flower Remedies Home Study Course on Bach Flower Remedies

    Home Study Course on Bach Flower Remedies

    This book will be found equally useful by the students as well as doctors practicing in other Alternative Sciences who want to benefit from the knowledge and use of this wonderful science of Bach Flower Therapy which is safe and simple.

    Learn More

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  5. Feast for a Healthy Heart Feast for a Healthy Heart

    Feast for a Healthy Heart

    The human heart is the sturdiest and toughest organ of the body. It is designed to last you a lifetime. But because of wrong eating habits at a young age this most important organ of our body refuses to work properly. This book contains a sensible selection of low-fat and low-cholesterol foods. These foods provide ammunition against cholesterol accumulation and lowers the cholesterol levels thus preventing heart disease and thus helping in keeping this most important organ healthy and strong. Besides teaching you how to prepare a sensible diet, this book also answers all the questions you ever wanted to know about the working of heart, about high cholesterol and blood pressure. This book is a must, not only for heart patients but for everyone who wants to live with a healthy heart. Learn More

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  6. Meditation For Beginners Meditation For Beginners

    Meditation For Beginners

    Meditation for Beginners is a complete guide for people who wish to master this sublime skill. It can be a help to many people who are continuously striving to cope up with the problems of the fast-moving world of ours. As we all know Meditation is a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity and bliss. The book systematically travels from one step to the other beginning with what meditation is, then gradually moving on to its types and then to its utility. Learn More

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    Every person must be self-trained to maintain the body in perfectly sound health, by keeping it physically active, mentally at peace and protected from environmental influences. This book on Preksha Yoga serves as an ideal guide by presenting methodical, illustrated details of yogic practice, proper nutrition, meditation etc. for management of common diseases in clear, simple language, written by an expert professor in human physiology well versed in yoga. Learn More

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    • The book includes an expanded chapter on alternative health options • Relevant and updated facts about heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer, PMS and incontinence • Revised guidelines for birth control and infertility procedures • Latest information on hormones, hormone balancing, and hormone replacement Learn More

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  9. Tai Chi Tai Chi

    Tai Chi

    The Chinese understand stress as imbalance. They know that when tension builds up, we need to relax. If we do not, the consequences can be damaging to both our physical and mental health.

    Learn More

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  10. The Pregnancy Guide The Pregnancy Guide

    The Pregnancy Guide

    Survival of the progeny is the basic motto of every living organism; this is the ultimate truth to carry the legacy of life forward. ‘The Pregnancy Guide’ is a concise compilation of the journey from conception to delivery. It gives the basic information needed during the course of pregnancy including dietary guidance and red alert symptoms. It also includes coloured illustrations featuring the month wise foetal growth and the various other physiological changes in the female body. This is a handy guide for all women experiencing gestation. It will surely prove beneficial as it shall prove worthy for providing the basic information regarding the management of the gestational period cautiously and healthfully.

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