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  1. Homeopathy  Psychology Homeopathy  Psychology

    Homeopathy Psychology

    In this book the author presents his own of the personality profiles of 35 major homeopathic remedies, the sole result of the author's clinical experience. These remedy pictures differ from the classical presentations. Bailey has included information about mental behaviors, internal conflicts, emotional tendencies, spiritual concerns and physical appearances. He has also given the male to female ratio for each constitutional type. 'Dr Philip Bailey's penetrating discussion of thirty-five different remedies carries the stamp of clinical authority and scholarship. His introductory chapter provides a number of clinical pearls with regard to history taking. The book offers elemental analysis of constitutional types showing how homeopathy and other medical systems may one day be linked. Homeopathic Psychology is an important addition to the dialogue between homeopathy and psychiatry.' - Jonathan Davidson 'This book gives insight into the basic nature of many important remedies. It is well-written and accurate. I recommend it to every student and practitioner of homeopathy.' - Roger Morrison 'Homeopathic psychology futhers our understanding of the psychology of the major homeopathic remedies. Dr Bailey well explains our existing knowledge of the remedies and broadens our understanding of them, providing numerous highly original observations. His descriptions of the psychogeness and psychodynamics of the remedies is engrossing. Homeopathic psychology is a pleasure to read and has enhanced my familiarity with the materia medica,' - George Guess Learn More

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  2. LM Scale 50 Millesimal Potencies LM Scale 50 Millesimal Potencies

    LM Scale 50 Millesimal Potencies

    To enable the reader a brief discussion follows 25 cases of actual repertorization. These are followed by 25 cases for practice followed by another 25 cases where only symptoms are given.' helps Finding the simillimum necessarily involves comparison of the case with remedies and of remedies between them and of weighing one remedy against another in its application to the individual case. Learn More

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  3. The Best of Burnett The Best of Burnett

    The Best of Burnett

    Burnett`s works are one of the Classical Texts of Homeopathy which are and will always remain as a source of authentic Homeopathic literature. The reason of bringing out this volume was to make all these works available at one platform for the readers. This makes the work more affordable and approachable. This Pain staking task of compilation was done by Late Dr H.L. Chitkara who did a Research on all the facts and data available before starting this work. It is his untiring efforts which have brought out this marvellous book. The short write up on the factual details of Dr Burnett`s life presented here is a worth read. The index and indices to sub-enteries have been made after a much thorough processing to make this Book in the most user friendly format. Contents Preface James Compton Burnett (1840-1901) List of Burnett`s Books Thus Spake Burnett Burnett and Hahnemann I. INDICES TO SUB-ENTRIES : Part I Part II Part III Reference Code II. THE MAIN TEXT : Part I : Observations : General and Clinical Part II : Materia Medica Notes and Therapeutics Part III : Case Reports 

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  4. Mother Tinctures Mother Tinctures

    Mother Tinctures

    Mother Tinctures-Therapeutics & Materia Medica has been written with great endeavour and sincerity with the purpose of acuainting homeopathic practioners with infallible drugs which can be used in tincture form. The book contains the most valuable prescriptions and experiences of the world-renowned homeopathic physicians who have gained laurels by using mother tinctures. In the hurry and bustle of the age, sometimes the physician is not in a position to devote much tie to reach the simillimum. Allopathy-minded patients demand immediate relief of ailments. Many mother tinctures will at once arrest the progress of many diseases and afford instant cure. The book contains materia medica of 265 mother tinctures; with the directions about dosage and repetition Learn More

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    I must say i found 'Absolute materia medica' as a bridge between the "old" approach of kent. Boericke. Allen, Clarke, Hering etc. and the "new" approach of directions of diseases, evolution of diseases and tons of mind..... Learn More

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  6. An Illustrated Guide to the treatment of Cancer An Illustrated Guide to the treatment of Cancer

    An Illustrated Guide to the treatment of Cancer

    From the vast ocean of the Cardiovascular system, Dr. Rajat Chattopadhyay has picked up those diseases, which a homeopath should have sound knowledge about. A homeopath should know the scope & limitations of the homeopathic system of medicine & when to refer the cases to other schools. The book contains updated information about the cardiac diseases, which is essentially needed by the profession. The book also has a short materia medica on cardiac diseases, which will prove very useful to the homeopathic clinicians in their daily practice, as well as to the students for their precise therapeutic guidance. The idea of bringing out this book is to bestow all the homeopaths with confidence to treat cardiovascular diseases.

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  7. The Materia Medica of Nosodes The Materia Medica of Nosodes

    The Materia Medica of Nosodes

    Materia Medica of the Nosodes with Provings of X-Ray, by Henry C Allen, was first published in 1910, This book covers 42 remedies and includes Bernard Fincke's 1897 provings of X-Ray. Allen regarded these remedies as homeopathic and not isopathic remedies. They were to be proved as homeopathic remedies and prescribed according to the totality of symptoms. The preliminary remarks for each remedy provides about the source of the proving. Characterstic symptoms are listed with remedy differential. Systems affected is given with the identifying symptoms. The number of marks precediing the symptoms indicate the relative value of each symptoms. This work is done of the greatest contribution of Dr H C Allen to the homeopathic science. Learn More

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  8. Essentials of Repertorization Essentials of Repertorization

    Essentials of Repertorization

    “A complete Materia medica of mother tinctures opening the doors to treatment by crude drug forms practiced by the author himself for many years. A very handy guide for practitioners acquainting them with the art of treatment by homeopathic mother tinctures.”

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  9. Times of Remedies & Moon Phases Times of Remedies & Moon Phases

    Times of Remedies & Moon Phases

    The Times of the Remedies is based upon Dr. Boger's own practical observations and long clinical experience. He emphasized the importance of "Time Factor" and "Moon Phases" in the action of drugs. It is through his untiring energies that a new angle of prescribing the medicines has been brought about. This repertory mentions about the aggravation and amelioration of complaints in the time frame, i.e. in accordance to hours, days, weeks, months, year and seasons. while compiling this repertory, Dr. Boger follows Boenninghausen's of schema of repertorial presentation. In the section of Moon Phases, he refers exclusevely to cured cases and undertook them in order to determine the relative importance of remedies in this respect. He analysed and compared the action of certain remedies in the various phases of the moon like growing, full, waning and new moon and depicted their action in the form of a chart. Learn More

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    The first edition of this book, published in 1967, was a masterpiece of clarity with respect to the basic concepts and principles of Homoeopathy. Although the format and presentation have seen many changes in the subsequent editions, the author's original vision and objectives remain.This fourth edition, the first International edition, has been completely updated and revised. New information has been added with respect to the 'Study of Homoeopathic therapeutics' including Angina Pectoris, Myocardial Ischaemia, Haemorrhoids, etc and 'How to study Homoeopathic Materia Medica' with reference to Phosphorus and Mercury.

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