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  1. Pointers, Modalities & Comparison of Homoeopathic Medicine Pointers, Modalities & Comparison of Homoeopathic Medicine

    Pointers, Modalities & Comparison of Homoeopathic Medicine

    The booklet has been divided into three parts - pointers, modalities and comparison which will help the prescriber to select the correct Homoeopathic medicine instead of taking recourse to Polypharmacy. Learn More

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    The book will serve as a quick reference for the physician to cross check before arriving at the final remedy. It will help him in eliminating similar remedies and selecting the similimum. It is like a repertory of the clinical conditions with the difference being that, instead of grading; indications help us select a remedy. Therapeutics for a few symptoms are also included e.g. - flushed face, nausea, sediments in urine etc which are indicative of certain medical conditions but not diseases all by themselves. Speaks on the practical utility of homeopathic drugs as life saving medicines including therapeutics of burns,syncope etc, aided by a useful repertory.

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  3. Efficacy of Electro Homoeopathy Efficacy of Electro Homoeopathy

    Efficacy of Electro Homoeopathy

    This ground-breaking work, which Elia considered his most valuable asset, changed the way we think about our Homeopathic Principles and Practice. Elia utilised the centuries of discoveries of almost all the branches of science in this exposition. How Homeopathic medicine is present in Ultra High Dilutions? How Homeopathic medicine works? Scientific explanation for almost all the rubrics of Repertory etc. All the principles of Homeopathy are explained Scientifically and Mathematically Miasm (Entropy), Vital Force, Simple substance (Elementary particle), Susceptibility (Resonating Bandwidth), Law of Similars, Idiosyncrasy, Predisposition and the like. All the homoeopathic practising methods explained scientifically. Suppression, Homeopathic Aggravation, Remedy reaction, Posology, Potency repetition, Second prescription, Organs of Elimination, Diet and regimen, Simple and Complex diseases, Alternating diseases, One side diseases, Alternation of Remedies, Constitutional up-building, Sleep, Dream, Meditation in treatment of diseases

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  4. Guide to Organon (Questions with Answers) Guide to Organon (Questions with Answers)

    Guide to Organon (Questions with Answers)

    Homeopathic Psychiatry is also a Materia medica study of the psychotherapeutic application of the need for the psychological delusions within each of the constitutional remedy profiles. Lalor has produced a book which is new, but which teaches homeopaths.
    Homeopathic Psychiatry is an extensive, previously unexplored explanation of the meaning of each individual Delusion rubric. The Mind section of the repertory contains the Delusion rubrics. The rubrics in the repertory which resonate with a conflict matching the psychological delusions can only be Delusion rubrics because these rubrics indicate an abnormality or illness in the affected person’s thought processes. A Delusion rubric applies to the case analysis when a patient misrepresents and misinterprets reality in a disproportionate way consistent with the psychiatric definition of a psychological delusion. This Materia medica will be a great addition to your understanding of the how to use the Delusion rubrics in case-taking. Homeopathic Psychiatry is the psychoanalytical study of the meaning and application of the Delusion rubric in homeopathic case-taking and case analysis. This book will teach homeopaths how to understand the Delusion rubrics, how to use them in case-taking, and how to interpret their meaning.

    Liz Lalor has taken homeopathic rubric-repertorisation and traditional counselling techniques, and combined the two to create an invaluable casetaking manual. In 2008 Lalor presented a series of lectures on her video cases in a lecture series called ‘Revealing the Disturbance in the Case’, in London, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Her psychological insight into the mental and emotional disturbance in patients suffering with chronic disease has been the catalyst to this groundbreaking understanding of the Delusion rubrics. Homeopathic Psychiatry is not only a great addition to understanding casetaking techniques it is an extensive Materia medica study of the meaning and application of the Delusion rubrics. Lalor’s model teaches homeopaths how to follow the five psychological steps that the patient will move through in a homeopathic consultation as they struggle to acknowledge their loss of good health. This book is an extensive, previously unexplored explanation of the meaning of each individual Delusion rubrics. The individual psychiatric interpretation of each Delusion rubric is an invaluable guide to understanding these previously misunderstood and underutilized rubrics in our repertory. Lalor presents several cases from her practice. In each case analysis, Lalor clearly defines the four necessary requirements for the use of the Delusion rubrics in a patient’s case analysis, and unravels the significant events to give an explanation of the causation within the case, and an explanation of her rubric-repertorisation technique.

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  5. Cause, Disease & Effect Phenomena Cause, Disease & Effect Phenomena

    Cause, Disease & Effect Phenomena

    New data, concepts, idea, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and synthesis are constantly enriching the field of homoeopathic therapeutics. This book on 'cause, disease and effect phenomene' presents new idea and ways of considering, evaluating and their treatment. Learn More

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  6. Case Analysing & Prescribing Techniques Case Analysing & Prescribing Techniques

    Case Analysing & Prescribing Techniques

    The publication of this book fills the need for a concise, to-the-point, quick-reference guide for prescribing on keynotes and redline symptoms. It is very useful for students, beginners and practitioners, especially in situations where one does not have the time or the circumstances to take a detailed case history or go through the process of repertorisation. Symptoms are given under different headings like Mind, Brain, Nerves, face, respiratory organs, Digestive system, urinary organs, genitalia, Skin, fevers, Constitutional Diseases, drunkards diseases, pregnancy troubles, Bruises, etc. A quick flick through a few pages will lead you to the required remedy plus the comparative remedies mentioned alongside the symptoms.

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  7. Homeopathic Case History Booklet Homeopathic Case History Booklet

    Homeopathic Case History Booklet

    Boenninghausens contribution to homoeopathic science and litesrature was made between the year 1828-46 the lesser writings by von Boenningausens was published in 1908 T.L. Bradford collected his german writings and L.H. Tatel translated them to english these articals have been translated from the original journals and examind very carefully the phraseology has been left intact Boenninghausens thought are revealed through essay on thuja and small pox the cure of Asiatin cholera the choice of remedy and jmany more several articals relate his experience with high potencies and their application in typhoid fever and traumatic ailments this book was out of print for a long time and owing to its demand amongst students and practitioners for this book.

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  8. Achieving and Maintaining the Similimum Achieving and Maintaining the Similimum

    Achieving and Maintaining the Similimum

    A series of 19 lectures covering a range of topics including a brief biography of Hahnemann, remedy provings, potency & dosage, Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases, remedy alternations, and homeopathic aggravation.
    This book comprises of Iectures delivered at Hahnemann Hospital during the session of 1853-53. On the request of those who heard his Iectures, this book has been published consisting of it and many more subjects. When you go through these Iectures, you will feel that you have been to a journey to meet one-Century-old people and to listen to their reactions and views on revolution in medicine. This book is for those who are desirous of obtaining knowledge of the history and development in homeopathy. The manuscripts have been carefully revised and Dr. Dudgeon makes additions, so as to render them complete.

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  9. Homoeopathy Introductory Lectures Homoeopathy Introductory Lectures

    Homoeopathy Introductory Lectures

    Signatures, Miasms, AIDS shows how a deeper knowledge of two key concepts, miasms and the doctrine of signatures, can enrich our understanding of remedies and the disease states we encounter in our patients. It also helps bridge the gap between spiritual and scientific world views. • The book examines the historical and alchemical background of healing, placing homeopathy firmly within the context of the ancient, unchanging and practical truths of the ‘eternal philosophy’. Based upon this, a model for potency selection is offered. • New light is cast on Hahnemann’s original three miasms, while Tubercular, Cancer and AIDS miasms are examined through the nosodes of those diseases. These are set within a developmental model, helping us locate patients and remedies on a miasmatic map. • New information is included from the extensive provings of the AIDS nosode and the frequently used remedy Falco peregrinus.

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