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  1. Asthma Cured with Homeopathic Medicines Asthma Cured with Homeopathic Medicines

    Asthma Cured with Homeopathic Medicines

    The book is a compilation of lectures and cases from the author’s practice. Each topic starts with a case, followed by its explanation, therapeutics and author’s conclusions. The style is very similar to that of Dr. J.T. Kent and thereby makes it a very interesting reading. Author has included special sections on non-gynecological topics like – - gastric and duodenal ulcers - gastro-intestinal auto intoxication and mucus enterocolitis - Reflex and toxic epilepsy. Apart from these the second last chapter of the book is dedicated solely to homeopathic prescribing, with discussion on when one should prescribe in subjective symptoms alone and when it is to be avoided.

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  2. Times of Remedies & Moon Phases Times of Remedies & Moon Phases

    Times of Remedies & Moon Phases

    The Times of the Remedies is based upon Dr. Boger's own practical observations and long clinical experience. He emphasized the importance of "Time Factor" and "Moon Phases" in the action of drugs. It is through his untiring energies that a new angle of prescribing the medicines has been brought about. This repertory mentions about the aggravation and amelioration of complaints in the time frame, i.e. in accordance to hours, days, weeks, months, year and seasons. while compiling this repertory, Dr. Boger follows Boenninghausen's of schema of repertorial presentation. In the section of Moon Phases, he refers exclusevely to cured cases and undertook them in order to determine the relative importance of remedies in this respect. He analysed and compared the action of certain remedies in the various phases of the moon like growing, full, waning and new moon and depicted their action in the form of a chart. Learn More

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  3. The Curability of Tumours by Medicines The Curability of Tumours by Medicines

    The Curability of Tumours by Medicines

    Tumours are not necessarily lethal but only a manifestation of the deranged life-force is something which remains to be understood by a large majority of the existing population. Given an early diagnosis & a well-planned course of action, they are not only amenable to treatment but complete cure. The author, in this treatise, has beautifully accounted for the causation, clinical characteristics & the homeopathic management of varous tumours with multiple case references. An introductory part on the therapeutic principles adds to the value of the book. Learn More

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  4. Select Your Doses & Potency Select Your Doses & Potency

    Select Your Doses & Potency

    The problem of selecting dose and potency has always created difficulties since the time of master Hahnemann. Several authorities have devoted themselves to the cause of homeopathy, untiringly experimenting with the action of various drugs in different potencies, and made them known to us in the form of writings scattered here and there. This book compiles the scattered work into one place helping us to select the dose and the potency and become a master in the magical science of homeopathy. Author has extracted all the valuable information available in the classical literature on use of various remedies in the right potency and presented it at one platform. All remedies from Abies to Zincum have been covered for the recommended potency and repetition notes given by various stalwarts with reference of each author name given. . Compilation of experience of stalwarts from all around the world . Brief introduction on how to deal with a case and cure Learn More

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  5. The Essence of Various Groups The Essence of Various Groups

    The Essence of Various Groups

    In this work there is a collection of Dr Roger Morrison and Dr Nancy Herricks lectures on some of the key remedies of Materia Medica, where they give highlighting feature of the remedies, which is important while prescribing. Essence of various individual drugs are elaborated by the speakers. Case reports have been given, thereby taking you right in the clinic. These case studies will help you in dealing with the patients as well as to understand the remedy in a better way. There is a special mention of Aurum cases along with special mention of the main features of different elements like Acids, Argentums, Arsenicums, Muriaticums, Nitric, etc. All video case has been included.

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  6. A Repertory of Homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes A Repertory of Homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes

    A Repertory of Homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes

    Nosodes & Sarcodes have a special place in our homeopathic materia medica & therapeutics where one road ends but they show another path which can lead to recovery. This is the first detailed repertory of the homeopathic nosodes and sarcodes. The purpose of this book is to visualze the characteristic symptoms of nosodes and sarcodes in concise and practical form for easy comprehension. It is an excellent scientific approach to the important study of nosodes and sarcodes. . The first detailed repertory of the homeopathic Nosodes and Sarcodes . Book covers over 100 nosodes and sarcodes . Important chapetr on remedy relationship . A repertory specifically dealing with conditions that need nosodes & sarcodes . Highly usable guide in jumbled up cases and in case suspected to excessive antibiotic drugging Learn More

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    This book has been cast in the form of lectures on the remedies in a pleasantly personal fashion, creating an image of the remedy in the minds of the reader. A brief analytical account of pathogenesis, sources and also, where possible, the manner in which the symptoms were obtained has been given about each remedy. A unique and interesting paper of the Hahnemann's dosage from 1796 to his death has been added to dispel the extravagent notion prevalent about Hahnemann's potencies. Learn More

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  8. Clinical Therapeutics of Acute Respiratory Diseases Clinical Therapeutics of Acute Respiratory Diseases

    Clinical Therapeutics of Acute Respiratory Diseases

    'Treating respiratory diseases can be very frustrating, often because of the lack of clear-cut symptomatology. The practitioner has to rely on a solid knowledge of the materia medica, in such a way that he's able to jump literally on the often unique interesting symptoms given by the patient. Learn More

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  9. Homeopathy  Psychology Homeopathy  Psychology

    Homeopathy Psychology

    In this book the author presents his own of the personality profiles of 35 major homeopathic remedies, the sole result of the author's clinical experience. These remedy pictures differ from the classical presentations. Bailey has included information about mental behaviors, internal conflicts, emotional tendencies, spiritual concerns and physical appearances. He has also given the male to female ratio for each constitutional type. 'Dr Philip Bailey's penetrating discussion of thirty-five different remedies carries the stamp of clinical authority and scholarship. His introductory chapter provides a number of clinical pearls with regard to history taking. The book offers elemental analysis of constitutional types showing how homeopathy and other medical systems may one day be linked. Homeopathic Psychology is an important addition to the dialogue between homeopathy and psychiatry.' - Jonathan Davidson 'This book gives insight into the basic nature of many important remedies. It is well-written and accurate. I recommend it to every student and practitioner of homeopathy.' - Roger Morrison 'Homeopathic psychology futhers our understanding of the psychology of the major homeopathic remedies. Dr Bailey well explains our existing knowledge of the remedies and broadens our understanding of them, providing numerous highly original observations. His descriptions of the psychogeness and psychodynamics of the remedies is engrossing. Homeopathic psychology is a pleasure to read and has enhanced my familiarity with the materia medica,' - George Guess Learn More

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    The book consists of about 209 remedies, somewhat of a preview of what hering created with his Guiding Symptoms. The symptoms of each remedy are divided into 48 sections with cross-references and characteristic symptoms. Fore runner of Guiding Symptoms, this book was prepared with the help of Hering's students Farrington and Korndoefer. Learn More

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