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  1. The Life and Letters Of Dr Samuel Hahnemann The Life and Letters Of Dr Samuel Hahnemann

    The Life and Letters Of Dr Samuel Hahnemann

    The book was published in 1895. Bradford attempted to collect everything bearing any relation to the career of Hahnemann in this book. A narrative of Hahnemann's life pieced together from the works of Ameke and Dudgeon, and by Hahnemann's letter which had appeared in journals, newspapers, and other sources. The German, French and English literature was thoroughly examined; much of which was published for the first time in English. Learn More

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  2. Homoeopathic Self Healing Guide for beginners Homoeopathic Self Healing Guide for beginners

    Homoeopathic Self Healing Guide for beginners

    This book is specially designed for people who have interest in self-treatment of themselves and family members, for students and for physicians in their initial practice. The first part of the book introduces the reader to homeopathy in simplest manner with health attitudes & list of common medicines to be stored at home. The second part stocks the real utility, i.e. disease wise diagnosis along with most effective 3 remedies which can be used in the disease. The third part rests for BHMS students and the people who have knowledge about homeopathy and understanding names of diseases and the sysptoms for single remedy prescription. Learn More

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    This book is a marvellous compilation about the links of founders of homeopathy. in this book we read about their circumstances, their family, their students, teachers and followers. Contributions, professional succeses and challenges.

    Learn More

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  4. Sensations As If Sensations As If

    Sensations As If

    One of the homeopathy crowning achievement is the use of "patients" own expression for the selection of an accurate similimum. This book solves the very purpose. The special new edition has been updated. When the words IT IS AS IF are included in someones complaint, one just might find a similar sensation and the associated remedies described herein. This book contains 1000s of "more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar" subjective symptoms of remedies. This is an expanded edition of a composition begun by Dr. Holcomb and published by "The Medical Advance" in 1894. Roberts worked from an interleaved copy of Holcombs work that was compiled by Dr. W. A. Yingling, as well as from the writings of Allen, Clarke, and Hering, Clarke and Allen. Learn More

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  5. Various Stages of Remedies Various Stages of Remedies

    Various Stages of Remedies

    This book is an effort to bring live descriptions of cases in seminars worldwide to all our readers and make them aware of the miracles these masters have done with homeopathy. With a keen inclination towards understanding the depth of homeopathy this collection of seminars will definitely be a guiding light and open the aspects of practical edges of classical homeopathy. All the video cases have been included with explanations on essence of case taking, management and prescription.

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  6. Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies

    Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies

    Respiratory infections & allergies worldwide continue to be a major cause of morbidity for all age groups. Careless prescription of antibiotics & anti-allerfics are only accounting for repeated incidences as the treatment is not directed at the root level. With Homeopathy & other alternative therapies fast becoming popular, people today have more options to choose from & tackle their problems more effectively than all. With 'Defeat Common cold', our objective is to educate the masses on the therapeutic benefits etc. In recurring colds & nasal allergies. Care has been taken to include a detailed clinical background of these with a systematic proposition of the most commonly indicated remedies under each specialty. Some useful illustrations on the various yogic asanas have been included for practical purposes. A Handbook of all that one needs to know on effective management of common cold. Equally useful for the lay person as well as the general practitioner. Helps one to manage common cold and nose allergies with different treatment options and avoid the unnecessary use of antibiotics and anti-allergens. Learn More

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    This book unfolds a segment of the undiscovered area of homeopathy , clarify on how homeopathic medicines behave under various circumstances , threby giving a specific direction on good prescribing. It compiles the scattered work into one place helping us to select the dose and the potency and become a mster in the magical science of homeopathy.The effects of various prescriptions are described specifically on hypersensitive and weak patients, and specifically for psoric constitutions. It also gives an insight into what all can happen if there is a wrong homoeopathic prescription.

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    Suppressive therapy can induce a shift of #symptoms. Suppression can complicate chronic disease and set them on a dangerous journey through the system. This #odyssee is what the author describes as 'The journey of a disease'. He exposes many mainstream #medical #practices as suppressive therapy of symptoms. On the backgrounds of Hahnemann's theory of miasms, the author paints vivid and disease. The book follows kent's work. It is written in simple language, it has helped homeopaths and any common man to understand classical homeopathy, which may cure chronic diseases and reverse suppression. With 40000 copies sold in germany and switzerland, it is one of the most successful homeopathic book in German language. Learn More

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  9. The Prescriber 3rd edition The Prescriber 3rd edition

    The Prescriber 3rd edition

    The Prescriber, by John Henry Clarke, was first published in 1885 (updated in 1925) and it still utility over a century after its debut. With an essay on "How to Practice Homoeopathy", this little book has helped thousands of lay practitioners to prescribe successfully and carry the message of homoeopathy worldwide. In this work the names of diseases are given in alphabetical order like a dictionary and under each such heading, the name of medicine or medicines most useful in the particular disease are given. When more than one medicines are named, they will be found prefixed to each symptom which would help the prescriber to choose that in preference to the medicines are named & numbered in order of their general applicability. This work is one of the classical works written for homoeopathic therapeutics & which is enriched with Clarke experience of several years of practice & study. Learn More

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  10. The Lesser Writings of C M F Von Boenninghausen The Lesser Writings of C M F Von Boenninghausen

    The Lesser Writings of C M F Von Boenninghausen

    Boenninghausen's contribution to Homeopathic science and literature was made between the years 1828-46. The Lesser Writings by Clemens von Boenninghausen was published in 1908. T.L. Bradford collected his German writings and L.H. Tafel translated them to English. These articles have been translated from the original journals and examined very carefully. The phraseology has been left intact. Boenninghausen's thought are revealed through essays on Thuja and Small pox, the cure of Asiatic cholera, the choice of remedy and many more. Several articles relate his experience with high potencies and their application in typhoid fever and traumatic ailments. This book was out of print for a long time and owing to its Indian edition has been published by B. Jain Puublishers (P) Ltd. Learn More

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