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  1. Midline Medical Dictionary Midline Medical Dictionary

    Midline Medical Dictionary

    Special Features . Contains more than 20000 medical terms of everyday use . Explains every term in the most easily understandable language . Equally helpful for both the English and Hindi knowing medical students and practitioners . Makes various Hindi terms easily understandable with the help of terms explained in simple English . Includes handy information on thermometer, pulse rate, body fluids, blood pressure, weight and measures, nutrients in food stuff, dietary allowance in diabetes, abbreviations and sysmbols used in prescription, etc. Learn More

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  2. The Art of Positive Thinking The Art of Positive Thinking

    The Art of Positive Thinking

    The true greatness lies in being kind, The true wisdom in a happy mind……… A thought provoking book on the daily discourse by Acharya Shri Mahaprajna at the Shivirs that took the shape of the book- ‘Kaise Sochen’ in Hindi. It is a meticulous endeavour by the author that leaves a deep impact on the reader’s mind. The art of thinking, the techniques of bringing about a transmutation in the mind is discussed in length. It is an important means of achieving freedom from fears like that of disease, old age, death, forgetfulness and madness. • Helps to wipe out negative emotions, promotes positive thinking • Leads to full self-realisation • Inclusion of short-stories, anecdotes, and self experiences with scientific and logical explanation • Each chapter leaves the reader with a thought ponder over Acharya Shri Mahaprajna is a living embodiment of truth. He is on a mission to spread the message of self realization for creation of a new world based on love.

    Learn More

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  3. King Gland Prostate King Gland Prostate

    King Gland Prostate

    Prostate enlargement is one of the most common problems among men in their old age. It develops as a result of dietary, environmental and hereditary factors. Treatment can be most successful if the condition is found early. Here is a book which helps in understanding and detecting the problem at an early age. The book also suggests many dietary advices and alternative therapies, which can be useful if one does not want to go for surgery or in cases where surgery is not advisable. Your self-help guide for prostate. Highlights of the Book: . Causes, signs & symptoms of prostate enlargement . Cancer of prostate gland . Care & cure of prostate cancer . Yoga . Acupressure . Magnetotherapy . Homeopathy . Also includes Ayurveda, naturopathy & diet Learn More

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