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  1. A Handbook of Physiology A Handbook of Physiology

    A Handbook of Physiology

    'A Handbook of Physiology' is a compilation strictly according to the Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) syllabus. It is in a Question Answer format which shall prove to be of utmost benefit to all undergraduate and post-graduate students of homeopathy to face academic examinations much more confidently as this book shall verse them well of how to prepare the answers and also how to format and present it in the answer script.

    This book will help students to easily handle examinations and they will be able to coordinate between time and word limit.

    The author has consulted all the physiology books presently available in the market in detail in the making of this book; thus, ensuring that no important concept gets missed out. This book is a must buy for all the aspiring homeopathic students.

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  2. 100 Viva-Voce Sessions in Homoeopathy 100 Viva-Voce Sessions in Homoeopathy

    100 Viva-Voce Sessions in Homoeopathy

    This book can be used as a multi-dimensional tool for self assessment through various Viva-Vova Sessions for revising all that you already know and for knowing and learning that is new to you. Basically, the author has tried to emphasize various points of Practical, Philosophical, Clinical, Therapeutical and day-to-day importance that can help one to deal with examination (theory, practical, and oral viva) as well as day-to-day problems and some of the difficult problems too in a better way. If you will observe closely, you will find that spectrum of this book ranges from very simple to quite sophisticated, complicated, and quire information of Learn More

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  3. Homeopathic Principles & Practice of Medicine Homeopathic Principles & Practice of Medicine

    Homeopathic Principles & Practice of Medicine

    'I appreciate this wonderful work of Dr V.K. Chauhan, which is a first attempt at understanding medicine in line with homeopathy. It is a must have in a homeopath's clinic for a quick glance anytime he needs. - Dr D.P. Rastogi 'I congratulate the author for creating this wonderful work on practice of medicine subject. The miasm given of different diseases is a very intersting features. I recommend this book to one and all of the homeopathic community.' A much-needed book on the Practice of Medicine along with Homeopathic management of all diseases. It covers all the conditions and diseases of various systems in a comprehensive way (easy to understand and remember simultaneously). The exclusive added feature is the mention of predominant miasm and homeopathic therapeutics of all conditions given in the book. A separate section on emergencies has also been included. For the convenience of students, the book has been divided into three broad sections. 1. Principles of Homeopathic Practice; 2. Current Biomedical Concepts of Medicine and their Diagnosis with Homeopathic Therapeutics; 3. The book proves the fact that medicine is not a tough subject and that medicine certainly can be understood from a homeopathic point of view also. Learn More

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  4. Beyond Avogadros Number Beyond Avogadros Number

    Beyond Avogadros Number

    The author has written a fictionalized biography that will hold you in its spell from first page to last. It is a remarkable book of human altruism pitted against the treacherous greed of elites. The life of Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the man credited with creating the medical philosophy of homeopathy, is well documented. Equally well documented is his ambitious struggle to bring his system of medicine into being. This book tells the story of Samuel Hahnemanns fight with physicians of the old school and the apothecaries who held royal monopolies over the making and dispensing of medicines and against the established code, a code that existed not because it was proven right but because it had the luxury of historical precedent. This is a book about personal struggle, the corruption of power and the fight for truth. The author has given a totally new dimension to the life history of Hahnemann by depicting the facts in a new way and all the circumstances have been so dramatically written that you feel as if you are watching it happen in front of your eyes. It gives us an idea of what circumstances led Hahnemann to look out for a new system of healing. Today, when everybody is trying their hands at fiction and we all love to read a novel, this homeopathic story is one of its kind which all homeopaths should read atleast once and feel the drama of homeopathy. The expression is lively and the twists and turns in the story keeps you hooked till the end. . Fictionalized biography of the founder of Homeopathy, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann . Language is dramatic and the book holds you in its spell from first page to last . Beautifully illustrates the eventful life of the master, his personal struggle for survival, the corruption of power, the fight for truth and the circumstances which led the master to look out for a new system of healing

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  5. Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy

    Life Saving Drugs in Homoeopathy

    Homeopathy is a science which is based on totality of symptoms for bringing about a complete cure.

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  6. The Celle Seminars The Celle Seminars

    The Celle Seminars

    The seminars given twice a year in Celle provided such an abundance of instructive cases, demonstrating the practical application of the theoretical basis of homoeopathic work, that it was a must for us to transcribe and publish them. So much invaluable information is given there, that it is not possible even for the participants to integrate everything they hear while attending the seminar. Therefore we are happy to be able to offer the Celle Seminars, in their entirety, to be studied and considered by those who attended the seminars and for all others interested in advanced homeopathy at its best.

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  7. Levels of Health Levels of Health

    Levels of Health

    Levels of Health -The Second Volume of "The Science of Homeopathy" by George Vithoulkas and Erik van Woensel

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  8. Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A) Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A)

    Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Q & A)

    Homeopathy adopts the same attitude towards ‘ Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology’ as it does towards medicine and surgery. But while dealing with obstetrical and gynaecological cases a homeopathic physician must be trained in special clinical methods of investigation for diagnosing local conditions and discriminating cases where surgical intervention either as a life saving measure or for removing mechanical obstacles is necessary.

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  9. Solved Multiple Choice Questions UPSC & M.D. Entrance Examination ( Homeopathy) PART 1 Solved Multiple Choice Questions UPSC & M.D. Entrance Examination ( Homeopathy) PART 1

    Solved Multiple Choice Questions UPSC & M.D. Entrance Examination ( Homeopathy) PART 1

    This is a book by Dr. V. K. Chauhan, who is an eminent clinician and academician. The book contains choice questions on all twelve subjects of homeopathy, which have been collected from previous year's examination for the aspirants of UPSC and MD (hOM.) TO HELP THEM CRACK THEIR EXAMINATION with minimum hassles. The explanations and details for the correct choice of the answer are mentioned along with the answer, which saves the time of going back to the books and referring to the source. The references of the explanation have also been given with the book's name and chapter name, which makes the authenticity of the book more valid than any such work available in the market. There are chapters on 'Various Organizations of Homoeopathy in India', 'History of Homeopathy in India', 'Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia', which are useful for the interviews for UPSC and MD entrance examination. Learn More

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    This complete book with its new approach of text information is of immense help to the students of homoeopathy at all levels. The compilation is great and in a very logical and schematic form. "Tips from boericke" is of great importance. this book not only enables its readers to crack the entrance examinations, but it itself has cracked the old traditional format of all MCQ books published so far.' Dr. Gautam Pal Lecturer, National Institute of Homoeopathy 'The Book "Crack the Entrance" is a must for those who are preparing for the postgraduate entrance and various other competitive examinations. It will also prove valuable for the students in their Materia Medicaviva examinations. I convey my best wishes to the authors for the success of their book.' Dr. Aloke Kumar Ghosh Homoeo Medical Officer, Kerala Government Service 'What makes this book unique is the study material section which contains a number of chapters of unparalleled quality which are worth reading even for experienced professors of homoeopathic materia medica. This book is a real boon for all the students of homoeopathy and I am sure that this will set a new benchmark for all similar books to be published in the future. Learn More

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