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Clinical Gynaecology with Homeopathic Therapeutics

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The aim in writing this book is to provide the readers, more to students of homoeopathic college, the description of the diseases, auxillary treatment, medicinal treatment and repertory of characteristic symptoms with each chapter. The etiology, pathology, manifestations, diagnosis, sequellae, complications and differential diagnosis, are given in brief and to the point. In dealing with the therapeutic of each disease, much care is taken to individualize the medicine by most characteristic symptoms so that one may be differentiated from other without difficulty. Only important medicines of experience are dealt with and correct medicine can be easily selected for the patient. The knowledge of auxillary treatment is must for the treating physician so that he should be able to guide the attendants of the patient, which is as essential as the right selected medicine. The third feature of the book is repertory of characteristic symptoms and their medicines. The repertory in case of few serious diseases is exhausting to help in the right selection of the medicine in case of complications. In others only characteristic symptoms are given with their medicines.
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