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Comparative Materia Medica for Student

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The book Comparative Materia Medica for students” is a small treasure in the armamentarium of comparative materia medica. The aim of this book is to discipline the students in the study of materia medica in a systematic way. Idea is to compare the various aspects of drugs of materia medica like the source, prover, ailments from, diathesis, temperament, constitution etc. This will help the students to grasp the various aspects of different remedies and reproduce this knowledge at the time of examination as well as apply it when they go ahead with their practice. Comparisons are of three categories- a) Common comparisons asked in the exams. b) Comparison of very similar remedies. c) Comparison of remedies that are difficult to differentiate in the clinical practice. The book is a masterpiece and will be highly beneficial for undergraduates, postgraduates and practitioners as well. ! Drugs are compared in a systematic format of common name, family, prover, constitution, diathesis, emperament, disposition, mias, thermal reaction, ailments from, location, sensation, modalities, accompanying symptoms & clinical conditions. This will help in understanding the basic similarity and difference between drugs. * The references from the various books are written in front of the symptoms within the brackets * Presentation of similar symptoms and dissimilar symptoms is such that students are able to relate easily, i.e., similar symptoms are placed in beginning of each section and dissimilar are placed just opposite to each other * Drugs frequently asked in the BHMS and MD examinations are included in this work * General modalities along with the particular modalities have been included to maintain the holistic view of the drug * Important symptoms are highlighted in bold letters.

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