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Homeopathy - Heal Yourself at Home (2 Books Combo) (Find Your Remedy & Boericke's Materia Medica)

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Homoeopathy is an alternative medical system discovered in the 18 th century by master Samuel hahnemann. It is based on “let like be cured by like”, I.E. The body can cure itself when Homoeopathic medicines producing similar action on the body are prescribed. For example, like red onion makes the freshwater, the Homoeopathic medicine made from onion, is used to treat various allergic state of body. Since 200 years, this natural approach to treat the patient considering each individual as a whole, and not merely treating the disease. It includes symptoms at spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level and the similar remedy is given to make the sick patient healthy. Homoeopathy may work in seconds or may even take years, all this depends on the medicine selected. But one must remember to give minimum dose of medicine because it gives the most powerful results. Out of more than 1500 books published by us, we offer you a combo of two best books to become an expert in homoeopathy. Find your remedy will make it easy for you to find the medicines for all your complaints while boericke’s new manual of Homoeopathic materia medica with repertory, the Bible of homoeopathy, will help you to finalise the single remedy for your Problem. These two books are very easy and user-friendly by anyone.
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