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Homeotherapeutics: A Scientific Handbook of Homeopathic Medicine

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Have you wondered why the medical establishments has doubt as to validity of Homeopathic therapy? The reasons for these doubts is based upon the fact that homeopaths have not been able to explain certain majors tenets of homeopathic philosophy, theory and practice.The following questions posed by the scientific community to homeopaths that have not been answered and pose insurmountable obstacles in the acceptance of homeopathic theory are listed as follow: 1. How does the Homeopathic substance,when diluted in distilled water and ethanol or in distilled water, convey its information to the water and ethanol molecules? 2. Why and how does the Homeopathic dilution still maintain its " information" even after the potentization process has surpassed the dilution point of Avogadro's number ? 3. How does the Homeopathic remedy affect the organism and at what level ? How does it act therapeutically and via what methods to bring about the desired therapeutic results ? This book answers the above questions using conventional scientific theories from experimental data and proposes a model of the organism and its pathology that is conducive to both conventional and homeopathic medicine."
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