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Homoeopathic Materia Medica Of Sarcodes

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One of the lacunas in Homeopathic prescribing is that it is monotonous, in the sense that there is no widening of horizon to the usage of other sources of medicines such as Sarcodes.

Let’s not limit our climb and delve ourselves into the beautiful world of it! With the increasing complexities of the disease profile, there is always scope to expand the domain of Materia Medica. This book embodies the sarcodes , the neglected medicines by the profession, showing their diverse field of action. Since the information about them given in literature is scanty, this book fills up the vacuum by adding 40 sarcodes to the Homeopathic armamentarium.

The authors of this book have made a serious attempt to collect as many as sarcodes possible from different authentic sources incorporating maximum symptoms under certain polychrest medicines. Clear picture of every medicine starting from their zoological name, sphere of action, comparison with other remedies, dose and potency, contra-indications for use, their characteristics, particulars are mentioned. Under each medicine the clinical conditions for which they are enumerated are written for helping out the physicians. Success stories of eminent Homeopaths have been shared by documenting their clinical experiences with sarcodes.

Give this book a chance to help you in treating intractable chronic diseases where choice of remedy becomes a difficult task.

The study of sarcodes is one of the most greyarea of homeopathic materia medica , which has not yet been throughly explored . Most of the sarcodes are not proved as per standard guidelines of Dr. Hahnemann nor majority of them been clinically verified . On scrutiny of the available literature on sarcodes , a lot of differences and contradictions are witnessed which lead to confuson in the minds of the readers , particularly in respect to their sources , preparation , clinical applicability , effective potencies; doses etc .

There is no clarity whether sarcodes should be earmarked as a separate class of ;animal kingdom; . Moreever the signs and symptoms of each sarcode are not documented uniformly in different homoeopathic Materia Medicas , which naturally confounds the readers.
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