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Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Homoeopathy

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a novel collection of "mental pictures" of 35 homeopathic polycrests. philip m baily sketches the traditional symptmatology to uncover the "real" person behind the "constitution". described as an "important step in teh dialogue between homeopathy and psychiatry" by renowned professors all over teh world, everybody seeking to spot a "drug" the moment a patient walks into the clinic will find this book irresistible. The most common personality types recognized by homeopathic practitioners are brought to life in this new book by an insightful physician and homeopath. These thirty-five typologies are described in light of common behaviors, primary emotional tendencies, internal conflicts and spiritual issues that each of them face. This book is essential for serious students and practitioners of homeopathic medicine and it will be of use as well to homeopathic patients or anyone interested in typology research.
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