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Principles of Prescribing

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With the advent of newer and newer medicines for the treatment of innumerable known and unknown diseases under the modern system, more and more peopleare falling prey to its clutches with every assign day. Little is known about the action of these medicines on human body except for the fact that they can produce a reaction so vigorous that can easily annihilate an existing morbid pathology. It is high time that the alternate systems in medical science took over and contributed to an effective and safer system of therapeutics for the well being of mankind.Dr. Gliddons essay on the efficacy of electro-homoeopathy is one good attempt tot present to the world the rudiments integral to an advanced system founded by C.C. Mattei back in 1865. Purely based on non poisonous herbal remedies for the cure of diverse morbid affections, the system specifies certain points on the body on which external applications can be used to their maximum benefit. Highly compact in its own write the book contributes successfully to the knowledge of Matteism and its advantages, basis of action, form of preparation and administration. There is also valuable information on recommendations of eminent physicians, justification to the use, temperament types with specific symptoms and hints and rules to be followed by patients.
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