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Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM)

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All the chapters have been exhaustively revised, updated and few thoroughly rewritten. New topics on Imaging Techniques in Gynecology (Chapter 10) and Psychosexual Issues and Female Sexuality (Chapter 34) have been incorporated. Pelvic Organ Prolapse (Chapter 16) has been rewritten, based on the latest concept of pelvic anatomy and the new concepts of repair. Premalignant Lesions (Chapter 23) and Genital Malignancy (Chapter 24) have been exhaustively updated, based upon the current knowledge and recommendation. Operative Gynecology (Chapter 35) is meant to provide the basic principles of commonly performed gynecological surgery so as to guide an apprentice. More emphasis has been given on case selection (indication), principal steps of operation and complications. The chapter on Endoscopic Surgery in Gynecology (Laparoscopic, Robotic and Hysteroscopic) (Chapter 36) has been rewritten as it has gained much popularity in critical practice these days. 
Practical Gynecology (Chapter 38) contains a huge number of high-quality photographs and plates of imaging studies. Hundreds of examination-oriented questions along with their answers and explanations are presented. This chapter is designed to help the students in their preparation for the clinical and viva-voce part of the examination. The self-assessment questionnaire having an objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) format is to improve the clinical competence of the students. The total information given in Chapter 38, amounts to a ‘mini-textbook-cum-color atlas’ of gynecology. 
The edition has been made more user-friendly in terms of updated text matters, graphics, design and use of different color codes. Color codes help to highlight the core knowledge (must-know area). This book provides profuse illustrations, high-quality photographs, anatomical drawing and imaging studies. This textbook has been enriched with tables, diagrams, boxes, charts and algorithms, which could be studied and reproduced easily. Key points at the end of each chapter are for quick and easy revision. The state-of-the-art in this book lies in the presentation, which is simple, lucid, clear and concise.

Key Features

• Presentation is simple, lucid and concise 

• Core knowledge (must-know area) has been highlighted 

• Enriched with numerous flowcharts, tables, boxes, sketches and drawings 

• Consistent and uniform standard of information in all the chapters 

• Information is up-to-date and evidence-based 

• Key points at the end of each chapter and algorithms for easy and quick revision 

• Practical Gynecology (Chapter 38) with high-quality colored illustrations and self-assessment questionnaire for the development of clinical and practical competence 

• Different color codes for the readers’ convenience quick reference 

• Profusely illustrated with good-quality colored diagrams and photographs for ease of understanding and reproduction 

• An authoritative and comprehensive textbook with guidelines and recommendations of professional and academic organizations.


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