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We are living through difficult times, when doubt, insecurity, and despair assail us from all sides. ‘Turtle Wisdom’ is a delightful pocket guide that teaches us to trust, honour and value ourselves, so that we can do battle and win against the odds. We have to build on our strength and try to be useful to others. Soon, the cheerleaders will be louder than the critics and will finally know and feel our worth. Let us not cave into negativity like bitterness or anger at the injustices done to us. Let us turn our attention to things outside of us and forget our disappointments or painful interactions. Let us be alternative and other directed. Lets observe others in distress and lend them a helping hand in the hour of need. Let us be ever ready to deliver the weak from discomfort and danger in order to win brownie points. ‘Turtle Wisdom’ teaches us today for our tomorrows. This book is sweet, empowering that forms a touchstone for comfort, encouragement and inspiration. A beacon illuminating the pathway home. A gentle reminder that when all else is said and done, ‘You get You!’

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