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  1. A Patient's Guide to Homoeopathy A Patient's Guide to Homoeopathy

    A Patient's Guide to Homoeopathy

    Homeopathic remedies work with the body’s best defences. It assists the body in restoring normal values of blood counts, healthy functioning of all systems and organs as well as mental and emotional well-being. A must have for people want to heal their loved ones with homeopathy.

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    This book begins with a journey through the life and works of Boenninghausen and Boger, taking the readers to the destination of final conception of this repertory and its effective and efficient usage for practice. The concept and plan of Boger Boenninghausen's Charecterstics and Repertory is thoroughly discussed which is essential for proper utlilization of this valuable tool. An additional section mentions the experiences of the author illustrating case studies. This book also contains gems of clinical case examples and rich practical experiences by the author.

    • An indispensable book for young and experienced homeopaths alike
    • Salient features of individual chapters of Boenninghausen's Repertory
    • Life and works of Boger and Boenninghausen well illustrated.
    • For conceptual understanding of BBCR with illustrated examples.
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  4. Principles of Prescribing Principles of Prescribing

    Principles of Prescribing

    Principles of Prescribing, by K.N. Mathur, was first published in 1975 and thereafter has exhausted many editions due to it's ever rising demand in the market. This is a book containing 30 chapters showing various methods on which a prescriptions can be based. Though not all of the approaches are widely accepted or utilized, the homoeopaths can get an idea as to how they are to be applied and can judge for themselves. Different methods are demonstrated including prescribing on the totality, miasms, keynotes, organ affinities, direction of cure, and repertorization. Learn More

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  5. Treatment of ENT Diseases Treatment of ENT Diseases

    Treatment of ENT Diseases

    Gives an easy practical method of arriving at the correct homeopathic remedy to suit a person in trouble, whether one is a practitioner, a student or merely an interested layman. Contents Preface 1. Introduction to Homoeopathy 2. Energy Medicine 3. Definitions 4. Acne and Acne Rosacea 5. Adrenals 6. Allergies and Allergy Questionnaire 7. Alopecia 8. Amenorrhoea 9. Anaemia 10. Angina 11. Anorexia 12. Aphthae (Mouth Ulcers) 13. Appendicitis 14. Arthritis 15. Arthritic Remedies 16. Asthma 17. Asthma Questionnaire 18. Atherosclerosis 19. Bach Flower Remedies 20. Breasts 21. Bronchitis and Emphysema, Bronchiectasis, Bronchial Pneumonia 22. Bronchitic Remedies 23. Cataract 24. Catarrh 25. Childbirth and Pregnancy 26. Characteristics of Children 27. Children`s Complaints 28. Circulatory Problems 29. Colds 30. Colitis and Questionnaire 31. Constipation 32. Coughs 33. Cramp 34. Cystitis 35. Debility 36. Depression 37. Diabetes 38. Diarrhoea 39. Duodenal Ulcers 40. Dyslexia 41. Dysmenorrhoea 42. Ear Problems 43. Eczema 44. Endometriosis 45. Enuresis in Children 46. Epilepsy 47. Female Complaints 48. Fevers 49. First aid, Prophylactics and Antidotes to Poisoning by 50. Flu 51. Gallstones 52. Gastric Complaints (Gastritis, Enteritis, Gastro-enteritis, Ileitis, Colitis, Diverticulitis Dyspepsia, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Spanish Tammy, Sprue, Catarrh of the Stomach, Coeliac Disease. Peptic ulcers, Uric Acid Excess, Pyrosis) 53. Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers 54. Glands 55. Glaucoma 56. Gout 57. Haemorrhoids (Piles) 58. Hayfever and Questionnaire 59. Headaches 60. Heartburn (Pyrosis or Waterbrash) 61. Heart Problems, Angina, Arteriosclerosis Arteritis, Atheroma, Atherosclerosis, Cerebral Haemorrhage, Dropsy, Fibrillation, Ischaemia, Pericarditis, Rheumatic Fever, Strokes 62. Treatment of Heart Problems 63. Hernias 64. Herpes and Shingles 65. Hiatus Hernia 66. Hyperactivity 67. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) 68. Hypoglycaemia and Questionnaire 69. Immune System 70. Impetigo 71. Jaundice 72. Kidneys 73. Leucorrhoea 74. Liver Problems 75. Lumbago. Mastitis (See Under Breasts) 76. Memory 77. Menopause 78. Menorrhagia 79. Migraine and Remedies 80. Motor Neurone Disease 81. Multiple Sclerosis 82. Muscular Dystrophy 83. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) 84. Myasthenia Gravis 85. Nails 86. Neurasthenia and Hysteria 87. Oesophagus 88. Osteoporosis 89. Overweight 90. Pancreas 91. Parkinson`s Disease, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (Pvfs)-see Under M.E 92. Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Prophylactics-see Under First Aid 93. Psoriasis Raynaud`s Disease-see Under Circulatory Problems 94. Respiration Restless Leg Syndrome-see Under Circulatory Problems 95. Rheumatism and Arthritis 96. Ringworm (Tinea) 97. Schizophrenia 98. Sciatica Shingles-see Under Herpes and Shingles 99. Sinusitis 100. Skin Complaints 101. Spleen 102. Stress 103. Sweating 104. Tachycardia 105. Throat Problems, (Oesophageal, Larynx, Chronic Laryngitis, Tonsils, Pharynx, Hawking) 106. Thrush 107. Thyroid Glands 108. Tongue Markings 109. Tonsillitis 110. Ulcers 111. Underweight 112. Useful Remedies Varicose Veins-see Under Circulatory Problems. Varicose Ulcers-see Under `Ulcers` 113. Warts 114. Whooping Cough 115. Worms 116. Diagnostic Tests

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    Kent's repertory is one of the most acceptable repertories amongst the homoeopathic fraternity . Kent's comparative repertory is a helping hand for the physicians and students alike to overcome the problem of understanding the exact meaning of each rubric and to differentiate amongst the closely related ones such as ;abandon and Forsaken' also the book is a guide for the selection of 'The correct remedy' as it details the differenting features of each of the third grade remedy under the given rubric. This faclitates the physician at the clinical level . The book well elucidates the most important section of the Kent's repertory which is the Mind section .

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  7. Diseases of Children Diseases of Children

    Diseases of Children

    Body language and Homoeopathy is a path breaking work from the house of one of the stalwarts. The book is divided into welldefined chapters which are further divided into easy-to-digest sub-sections. The broad division of the text is into 4 sections. Section I deals with Introduction- History and Understanding the Language in general. Section II is on Communication - Body language as communication, Communication skills, Intra-psychic communication, Silence and Characters of body language. Section III focuses on the core elements of body language like Personal Appearance, Gestures, Posture and Stance, Facial expressions, Eye expressions, Voice and Intonation, Space and Distancing, Tactile Communication, Vocabulary and Universal gestures. Section IV takes care of Homoeopathic perspective including Clinical repertory and practical cases. The detailed text with illustrations under each and every section is indeed spellbinding and insightful. The author has thrown light over the minutest of expressions and has explained their significance from psychological, philosophical, spiritual and homoeopathic point of view. The ultimate benefit of this book is that it widens and expands our consciousness at all levels. This book has a different perspective of understanding not only the world around us but the world inside each of us. This book will leave a long lasting impression on the mind and will help in increasing the ability of the physician to observe a peculiar expression in their patients. This book will also be useful to all teachers, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, students, businessmen, actors, lay persons and all those directly or indirectly related to homoeopathy and concerned with the art of healing. The whole new world of possibilities and channels of prescribing has been explored and analysed through this book.

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  8. Diseases of Females & Infants at breast Diseases of Females & Infants at breast

    Diseases of Females & Infants at breast

    Infectious diseases can be very much helped and treated by homeopathy. The cardinal principles of homeopathy offer a gentle and permanent way to treat infections. A subtle, single, potent and penetrating signal to stimulate the defence mechanism of body is all that which is required to treat infections. Homeopathy offers all this. In modern medicine the germs are killed but in homeopathy the germs are neutralized or killed by stimulating the soil (body's natural defence). The first is direct whereas the second one is indirect as well as natural and has a more lasting effect.
    In this work the emphasis has been given to deal the microbiology in light of theories of homeopathy. The philosophical section deals with the same. In the section of therapeutics different diseases and their manifesting objective symptoms have been given along with homeopathic medicine.

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  9. The Homoeopathic Treatment of Children The Homoeopathic Treatment of Children

    The Homoeopathic Treatment of Children

    "There is at present a great necessity for information on the homoeopathic treatment of children. We do not actually have enough literature on the subject apart from Borland's booklet which is quite good but not sufficient for the needs of our time. I feel that Paul Herscu's book goes further than any other homoeopathic book in giving detailed information which will be very useful to any practitioner who treats children." Learn More

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