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  1. Colour Therapy for Love & Romance Colour Therapy for Love & Romance

    Colour Therapy for Love & Romance

    This book on colour therapy gives you practical and interesting tips, by which you can, not only improve your love-life but make it vibrant. It tells the relevance of each colour at every step of relation. Right from what you need to wear when you are single, what colour should surround you when you want to mingle, what colour should embrace you when its your first date and which colour is required so that you are desired. Go through the book, embrace the colour tips in your day-to-day life and feel the wonders of the colours around you. Learn More
  2. Meditation For Beginners Meditation For Beginners

    Meditation For Beginners

    Meditation for Beginners is a complete guide for people who wish to master this sublime skill. It can be a help to many people who are continuously striving to cope up with the problems of the fast-moving world of ours. As we all know Meditation is a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity and bliss. The book systematically travels from one step to the other beginning with what meditation is, then gradually moving on to its types and then to its utility. Learn More
  3. Pranic Healing Pranic Healing

    Pranic Healing

    Life is breath and sound is energy which can elevate the energy level of our body through resonance with certain specific words. Discussion in various chakras, mantras and exercises to heal various ailments are discussed in this book to reach a better state of health & well-being.

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  4. The Healers Wisdom: Fundamental  of Whole Body Healing The Healers Wisdom: Fundamental  of Whole Body Healing

    The Healers Wisdom: Fundamental of Whole Body Healing

    The Healer's Wisdom: Fundamentals of Whole Body Healing is an easy-to-read layperson's manual that brings together complementary therapies for a whole-body approach to healing. Complementary therapies are gentle, natural, and time-tested healing techniques designed to accompany conventional medicine. Learn More
  5. Feng Shui and Health Feng Shui and Health

    Feng Shui and Health

    • The nine crucial Feng Shui health principles to follow • Which common floor plans can harbor disease, and how to avoid them • How to do your own Feng Shui health assessment in your home of office • How to identify and impede the vibrational patterns of illness • The use of complementary medicines - such as Chakra work, aromatherapy, crystals, sound therapy, and color breathing - to enhance traditional treatments Learn More


    Not merely a Numerology book but a book of revelation of the secrets of numbers

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    Every person must be self-trained to maintain the body in perfectly sound health, by keeping it physically active, mentally at peace and protected from environmental influences. This book on Preksha Yoga serves as an ideal guide by presenting methodical, illustrated details of yogic practice, proper nutrition, meditation etc. for management of common diseases in clear, simple language, written by an expert professor in human physiology well versed in yoga. Learn More
  8. Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies

    Defeat Common Cold & Nose Allergies

    Respiratory infections & allergies worldwide continue to be a major cause of morbidity for all age groups. Careless prescription of antibiotics & anti-allerfics are only accounting for repeated incidences as the treatment is not directed at the root level. With Homeopathy & other alternative therapies fast becoming popular, people today have more options to choose from & tackle their problems more effectively than all. With 'Defeat Common cold', our objective is to educate the masses on the therapeutic benefits etc. In recurring colds & nasal allergies. Care has been taken to include a detailed clinical background of these with a systematic proposition of the most commonly indicated remedies under each specialty. Some useful illustrations on the various yogic asanas have been included for practical purposes. A Handbook of all that one needs to know on effective management of common cold. Equally useful for the lay person as well as the general practitioner. Helps one to manage common cold and nose allergies with different treatment options and avoid the unnecessary use of antibiotics and anti-allergens. Learn More

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  9. Defeat Insomnia Defeat Insomnia

    Defeat Insomnia

    Monica Jane Shalit, Natural Health Therapist, Author andEducator Both in her daily life and natural therapy practice,Monica Jane Shalit embraces a mind, body, spirit philosophy. Sheeducates people about the importance of creating a harmonious andhealthy life, which includes the role of our spiritual journey andintegrating with nature. Monica utilises many modalities to helppatients achieve healthy outcomes. It has been her privilege totravel throughout the world teaching, connecting and sharing withpeople from all cultures. She has also been a sought after speakerand educator on radio for 30 years. Defeat Insomnia is Monicassecond book.

    Jeanette Leigh, Author, Journalist, Blogger Jeanette Leigh hasdevoted more than 20 years to researching and writing about healthand is a passionate believer in the effectiveness of a holisticapproach. The power of the stories in her five health books,newspaper articles, and website, www.whatshealthy.com.au, haveimpacted the lives of people around the world. People are inspiredby the array of possibilities available to help themselves andtheir loved ones. Jeanette says it is a joy to be able to assist inthis way and she has seen people with aggressive disease turn theirlives and health around by adopting the approaches andpractitioners that she has recommended.

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  10. Easy to Cook Potatoes Easy to Cook Potatoes

    Easy to Cook Potatoes

    Potato, a widely eaten and nutritious vegetable, comes in a variety of avatars. It can be baked, fried, boiled or more than often is consumed as an accompaniment to other vegetables. This book is a fabulous assortment of mouth-watering dishes made using Potato as the chief ingredient. A variety of cuisines with potato as its chief ingredient are included in this book with their varying and contrasting flavours, and textures. This book is a whole new approach to cook Potatoes and explore the varying tastes which this humble vegetable holds. Learn More

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