The term Organon is etymologically derived from the Greek word ‘Organum’ which means ‘the tool’ or ‘the instrument’. Originally ‘Organum’ meant any musical instrument’; however , the term attained it’s lasting sense during the middle ages, referring to a specific polyphonic (many-voiced) instrument.

Dr. S. Hahnemann adopted the Aristolean term ‘Organon’ so as to illustrate the importance of the tool that each and every physician needs to employ for the purpose of healing. Organon gives us the rules and guiding principles for the practice of Homoeopathy. Organon of the Art of Healing (Organon der rationellen Heilkunde) by Samuel Hahnemann, 1810, laid out the doctrine of his ideas of homoeopathy. The work was repeatedly revised by Hahnemann and published in six editions, with the name changed from the second edition onwards to 'Organon of Medicine'.

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    Organon of medicine is the cornerstone of Homeopathic principles and practice, and is a must for every homoeopath. The book is the first of its kind and a need of every homoeopaths table. Comprehending the insight of th words written in organon is a herculean task. the author in pursuit of his master, translated his work for students and teachers and has set a benchmark for every Homoeopath. . The book is a ready reckoner of Organon for both undergraduate and Post-Graduate students to understand the thoughts of Dr. Hahnemann. . It consists of the translation of all non-English text, even of the Prefaces, and the introduction with short clarification. . Related and relevant data on most of the Greek texts have been collected from as many sources as are available today along with all the cross-references. Learn More

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