Homoeopathic Therapeutics in medicine, the branch that deals specifically with the treatment of disease and the art and science of healing is termed as Therapeutics. In a broad sense therapeutics means serving and caring for the patient in a comprehensive manner, preventing disease as well as managing specific problems. Exercise, diet, and mental factors are therefore integral to the prevention, as well as the management, of disease processes.

In homoeopathic pharmacology, therapeutics accordingly refers to the use of drugs and the method of their administration in the treatment of disease.

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  1. Odontologia Y Homeopatia Odontologia Y Homeopatia

    Odontologia Y Homeopatia

    En el caso de los Cálculos renales y biliares, la preferencia promedio del paciente es ir a cirugía, aunque muchos pacientes buscan la ayuda de la terapéutica homeopática como última opción. En este terreno, la homeopatía debe mostrar su excelencia y enseñar el menejo de estas enfermedades.Este libro se ha escrito para estudiantes y médicos a fin de combinar e integrar su concepto y habilidad en los objectivos prácticos del éxito. El libro también presenta un método realista experimentado por médicos con excelente reputación y autores de libros que han permitido que los lectores consideren los medicamentos utilizados por ellos.

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  2. Control de  problemas dentales Control de  problemas dentales

    Control de problemas dentales

    How to Use the Repertory, by Glen Irving Bidwell, was published in 1915. As a student of Kents Bidwell had the opportunity to learn the proper application of the repertory. This work is his effort to disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible. There are two sections to this book. The first covers the use of Kents Repertory; the second part is a materia medica of 40 remedies. Bidwell utilized the second edition of Kents Repertory as he felt this was "the most simple and satisfying to use". He felt that the repertory was never made or intended to take the place of the materia medica. Bidwell stressed the fact that "it must never replace our constant study and use of the pathogenesis of our remedies, it should be used as an index to lighten the task of memory in storing the vast symptomatology of our remedies." After the repertory work leads the homeopath to the most likely remedy, the selection of the remedy needs to be confirmed by reading its pathogenesis in the materia medica. Learn More

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